Paan Khaye Uncle Ji Hamaro

Paan Khaye Uncle Ji Hamaro! ( My Uncle Eats Paan)

Manufacturing is a serious business and that too garment manufacturing,you need to be serious every time. Kabhi kabhi to dimaag ki waat lag jati hai. Being associated with that I also remain serious most of the time,but the business itself gave you chances to laugh out loud all your seriousness and worries in the form of some characters involved with it.( I feel like laughing remembering many of them.) Here I want to share an experience with one of our dealer from eastern Uttar Pardesh. I found most of the buyers from the group of people jinki #conditionserioushai but that one incident happened six years ago was special and still lingers in my mind.

Let me first tell you what I was doing in Lucknow. We have a manufacturing business where we make men's ethnic wear sherwani,designer suits,kurta sets,etc. We held biyearly exhibition in different cities to display our new collection for winter and summer. This was for the retailers in Uttar Pradesh at Hotel Park Inn, Lucknow, I think this hotel now has a different name. Our agents for the state brings various dealer to that hotel where we show them our collection and took order for the same par business ki detail mein jane se achcha hai ki mein point par aaon. I should now come to the point.

This was my first trip to such exhibition. On the second day of the event our agent brought a man there,he had already told us that he was very selective , a big dealer from eastern UP but a bit khadoos ( annoying ) . I am hiding his native city and his name for business purposes. He came inside the room with paan (Betel) in his mouth.From his first sight he looked as a person jiski condition serious thi. If 5-star would have been with me at that time,I would have offered him to bhagao his seriousness.He gestured with his hands to show designs without saying anything. He was watching each one closely and rejecting it in an instant,all were silently looking at him while I was observing his face. His mouth was filled with betel leaves,his motion of chewing them was moving his whole face in a funny way,red liquid was oozing out from his mouth,his facial expressions were suggesting that he would not going to order any design.

Since we knew that he always gave big orders and his payment is also on time from our sources we were hoping that he at least order a single design to initiate business with us but he stood up without any order and said ' Chalo bhai!'( Let's go) to our agent. Oops! With paan in your mouth you should be cautious while speaking. He emitted liquid residue of betel on a sherwani ( Groom's wedding attire) the most expensive of our collection and on his own shirt. All of us looked at him seriously which we got from him. It was then he smiled spit the remaining paan in spit-box kept for those who chew paan. He again sat down and said," Bansal Ji , ye wale design dobara dekhaiye,'( Mr.Bansal show these designs again) to our agent. He started giving order design after design,I was controlling my laughter at that time, soon he selected 90% of designs which he rejected before. He called his driver to bring his cheque book and issued a cheque as an advance payment to indicate that it was a confirm order.

While going he said with smile on his face," Ye wali sherwani ka dekh lena, sorry yaar."( Sorry! Please look into that sherwani.) " " Koi baat nahin sir, ye to hota rehta hai."( It's not a problem,such things happen) replied Mr Bansal and escorted him to his car. We break into laughter when he left. The paan stain worked as Cadbury 5 - Star in taking away his seriousness and gave us a huge order. One of our employee sang ' paan khaye sanyan hamaro' in satirical way to put a Bollywood tadka to the situation whose wordings I changed to ' paan khaye uncle hamaro mehngi sherwani par peek laal-laal."( My uncle eats paan,gave paan stains to expensive sherwani).

This post is written for #ConditionSeriousHai by Cadbury 5 Star at Indiblogger.


  1. Haha very hilarious and well written. I felt as if I was watching Hamaro Uncle Ji chewing his paan :) All the best for the contest !!

  2. Oh that was so well written and yes what is wrong with uncle ji!! :D All the best for the contest :)

  3. your post is rib-tickling, all the best for the contest.
    i'm from UP east wha pe logo ki paan khane ki and khiv spit krne ki adat bhut irritating lagti hai....

    you can read my post here for the same contest,

  4. a light hearted read after a crazy Monday! truely worth it, thank you!

  5. its quiet a story nice one. dxbnidblog

  6. hilarious !!!! thts all I can say .

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