Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri

Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri

Shampoo makers never thought about the feelings of boys. Picture of girls on shampoo sachet and bottle,girls in advertisements and there too on contest page of Indibloggers.in and even examples shown here are also indicating that only girls need better hair i.e silky smooth without any mess and actually it's not wrong ,long hairs if kept untidy and mismanaged then there will be more breakage of hair.

But boys too have desires related to hairs. Dust particles,pollution,wind,etc do attack our hairs also and if they are slightly longer than usual ,they become messy and entangled to each other. Whenever I think of the reason to recharge my hair an old Hindi song came into my mind. This is the only song about hair or zulf as it is called in songs for the male actor." Ude jab jab zulfein teri " pictured on Dilip Kumar and Vijayantimala is a song from Naya Daur(1957) which means 'whenever your hair flies askew in the air girls heart beats fast.'

I want my hair like this to flew in the air when I move thus attracting every girl passing by my side. The moment where I got compliments and perhaps able to say someone what Dilip Kumar says to Vijayantimala in this song " Tujhe chand ke bahane dekhun chat par aaja goriye" ( I watch you at pretext of moon oh beautiful if you come on roof). I shy person like me needs confidence to say so to a girl so I prefer the movement of my hair do the talking for me.

Who don't like compliments? And that too from beautiful girls would be life changing. Enough to make you hero in your friends eyes,an eye candy for every girl and the talk of the down. News among girls spread faster than light. Perhaps this will inspire shayars (poets) to write more on boys zulfein( hairs) ,perhaps I will be the center of that song. Anything is possible with such recharged hair.

This post is written for Recharge Your Hair Recharge Your Life in association with Sinsilk and Indiblogger.


  1. Nice Post!! Even boys need a hair recharge...

    Aditya Manchanda

  2. Nice one... loved the idea of men jumping in where only women were supposed to be dominating. I think even contest must ensure that prizes go to men and not women bloggers.

    Arvind Passey

  3. कल 17/01/2014 को आपकी पोस्ट का लिंक होगा http://nayi-purani-halchal.blogspot.in पर
    धन्यवाद !


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