Baba Ramdev's 'Tax Asan'

Baba Ramdev's 'Tax Asan'

Baba Ramdev's interest in bringing back black money and his affiliation towards Narender Modi and BJP has made him to introduce a new Asan ( Yoga posture) for his followers the 'Tax Asan'. He announced it recently and asked BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narender Modi to practice this asan to be next Indian Prime Minister.
He also added that this posture is a result of research by him and ' of this asan includes:

1.Removal of all present taxes in India(except import duties).
2.Levy a single Bank Transaction Tax of 2% on receivers account instead.
3.Distributing this amount among various agency in the ratio, Central gov.(0.7%): State gov.(0.6%):Local bodies(0.35%):Bank(0.35%).
4.Withdrawal of high denomination currency (i.e above Rs 50)
5.All transaction to be done through bank only.

Benefits of 'Tax Asan':

1.Rate of all items to be reduced by 50%.
2.Guarantee of 300 lok sabha seats if practiced by BJP.
3.Prosperity and peaceful living of all citizen of India.
4.Removal of poverty,corruption,etc.

Baba said that it's non of our concern that this asan failed in Brazil,absence of an expert like him was the reason behind it according to him.

Other's experts who are working in simplifying the already exiting tax asan are against this asan due to the following reasons:

1.Unavailability of banks in each nook and corner of India.
2.Rich and poor to be taxed at same rate.
3.Increase the tax burden as more transaction means more tax.
4.Not used by any developing or developed economy except some tourist destinations.
5.Decrease in tax collection which are used in running our country.
6.Increase in black money because people then will prefer cash transactions to save tax.
7.Easy for black marketers to turn their money into white by paying just 2%.

Baba Ramdev's mission is to make each individual of India whether they reside in village or cities to be flexible like him to be able to accept and perform this asan. Banks where this has to be performed has not said anything yet.The success of this asan is still in question but Baba has started preaching it in his yoga camps.


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