Conversation - 3

Conversation - 3 ( Love For Chair )

Opposition  : Kill him otherwise we will loose center also.

Secretory   : But he is doing good for the common man, let him do the mistake,we can catch that chance.

Opposition : We can't wait for his mistakes elections are near. I can't tolerate anyone coming in between my Love for chair at this crucial time of our democracy,you do what I  have said.

Secretory  : Sir! I think you forget that I am also a common man,that's my resignation,police is coming.

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  1. Lacks coherence and details... though the idea of using 'love' for power is quite compelling.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Perhaps due to sentence limit but I will try to be better next time,thank you

  2. Great, 'hatke' take on the prompt!

  3. Compact yet well delivered the purpose.


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