Punctured Tyre

Punctured Tyre

"Damn,the tyre couldn't have chosen a better time to get punctured." Divakar shouted but restricted himself to speak abusive language as his kids eight year old Aaliya and six year old Aarav was with him. He was going to drop them at school. He was not late but the road where his tyre get punctured was going to be sealed by police as protesters headed by Chief Minister were going towards Ministry of Home Affairs for demonstration to sack some police officials.

Police was sealing the road to halt their movement. Divakar knew that protesters were soon came on this road and than it would be impossible to pass the way. He was in favor of that protest since he at several occasions became a victim of police atrocities and corruption but he didn't imagine that the protest would have such an adverse effect on common people like him. He came out of the car to change the tyre when a police officer asked him to quickly took away his car.

He saw a huge crowd coming towards police barricade shouting slogans against police and the central government. He looked at his children they were crying out of fear, he stopped changing the tyre and locked his car. He crossed the road with his children to go away from such noises but people were coming from all directions,they were in attacking mode. He took his children and stand near a media van " I think this is safe,stop crying they will soon pass that road", he consoled both the kids.

Soon crowd passed that road towards their prescribed agitation spot after pushing and hustling with police. Divakar came towards his car to change the tyre and noticed that his hand was wounded in running and crossing roads. It was difficult to change the tyre with wounded hand,he looked around. A policeman was watching Divakar. He approached towards him," Brother I think you need help." " No, I can do it myself." Police officer took Band Aid from his hand which he was trying to apply to his wound and helped him to put it right. " You are afraid of me? " " N... No...", Sir,sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye , your hatred against me is clearly visible in your eyes and I can feel it," he started changing the punctured tyre. " But it's not your mistake some of us have indulged in many criminal activities which made our image bad in public's eyes but we all are not the same."

" We worked all day and night in difficult situations,on holidays too to ensure your safety and what we got for this nothing. Today also we are protecting a man who was against us because it's our duty anyways your tyre has changed, now go your children are getting late for school." Divakar was unable to say anything,his children thanked the officer. He was speechless,he drove the car to school thinking about the other side of the issue. His punctured tyre helped him to inflate new thoughts in him.

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Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt 2014 - 4 : Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.


  1. Good usage of both the prompts.. nice read :)

  2. That's true.. the perception is based on so many things that we keep hearing about or have witnessed ourselves.. surely their must be some good ones among them being stereotyped unnecessarily...

    1. there are so many good people in every feild

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    धन्यवाद !

  4. Absolutely beautiful. In all professions, there are black sheeps but it's wrong to blame all cops. There are many good souls, I am sure, who do their jobs honestly. I have met few nice men in uniform in Mumbai.

  5. I think it might be difficult to pass the way. He was energetic about that dissent since he at a few events turned into a casualty of police barbarities and debasement yet he didn't envision that the challenge might have such an unfriendly impact on basic individuals like him. You shared nice article. Good job done.
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