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Midnight Visit

Midnight Visit

Tarun the editor of weekly magazine "The Storm" called her inside the board room," Here she is ladies and gentleman her fearless reporting on issue of women safety had stir the whole nation," everyone present in the room started applauding her. She was standing with confident and feeling proud to be part of such a magazine which always raised the plights of countryman in such a way that government falls on their knees to take an action, she was feeling happy to be praised in such a way by his boss, " This time,she raised the bar to the point that we have to work harder to match her. Well Done Sanjana. Congratulations!"  Tarun also told her that she was going with him to Goa for a media event organised by their magazine.

Sanjana was excited not because she was going to Goa but a man like Tarun who was an inspiration for journalists has appreciated her work so much.It was a privilege for her to share the stage with him. Next day they reached to Goa and attended the event according to the schedule. It was a two-day event she would hardly get a chance to see the beauty of Goa but nonetheless she was satisfied to be part of the event. After the day's work she was very tired and fall asleep as soon as she reposed on bed in her room. She woke up with a knock on the door at midnight. It was Tarun at the door who wanted to discuss something about next day's programme at the event.

Next morning Sanjana was not her real self, she was indulged in the event but her excitement was diminished. It seemed that something was disturbing her but she remained quiet and not said anything to anyone. In the evening they were going back and things might sort out there.

After coming back she emailed managing editor Shoma of "The Storm" and alleged Tarun for sexual harassment and misconduct with her. She wrote that he came to her room at midnight and tried to gain sexual favors with her. Shoma after reading that mail discussed it with Tarun who unconditionally apologized to her for his misconduct and leaved his post of editor of "The Storm"  for six months. Soon the news spread in media like a forest fire. The man who used to shake others with his Storm was himself facing the storm.

It was also found that the magazine which was fighting for social issues and women's rights was not following Vishakha Guidelines in their own organisation. Self action without any enquiry by Tarun was also criticized by experts in media reports. In such cases women usually prefer to keep quiet and not to report the incident as this may lead to obstacles in their carrier but this time,she raised the bar by again fearlessly reporting the incident. After media reports police also came into action and arrested Tarun for raping his colleague. He claimed that he was being framed by political forces in this case.

Nobody knows what was the truth behind the incident and that midnight visit except Sanjana and Tarun and it's definite that one of them was telling a lie. Investigations are on thus I leave the end of the story to your imagination. If Sanjana is right and he had raped her than he must be punished and if Tarun is right and he was being framed by some political forces than the truth must come out and those forces should be punished along with Sanjana.

Note: This story is a work of fiction inspired by true incident.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. you seemed to have a bought a real incident in this WOW prompt. nice work.


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