Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

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We Indians love cricket more than anything else in this world. We plan our vacations according to cricket season, we give marriage dates keeping in mind the cricketing season, skip office, postpone family get-together and even break promises for an important match. I am not surprised to say that we Indians eat cricket, sleep cricket and breathe cricket. Cricket moves in our veins faster than the blood. Accordingly we feel uneasiness if for certain reason we are unable to see a match. Our attention get diverted from a particular thing, person or occasion to cricket. We don't want to miss any match at any cost and thus knowingly or unknowingly hurt our closed ones with our behaviors. 

Our love for cricket is so much that we feel almost impossible to miss a match but at times we are unable to do so and wish to have something which keep us updated about the match. We carry mobiles everywhere we go and if something keep us updated on cricket matches through our smartphones then we want nothing else in this world. But the time taken in buffering the video or in opening web pages our enthusiasm got struck like the video in the mobile. The only way to stay connected to the match while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while is our smartphone which would surf fast. But the speed provided by our network operators is not enough to experience things in a way we desire. We can balance both the other important things in life and the cricket only if we could get match scores anywhere anytime without disturbing others.

UC browser has brought us a solution for this. A browser which is faster, easier to use with seamless transition has a feature called UC Cricket dedicated for cricket fans, connecting them to the match wherever they are. It provides latest scores and cricketing news in the real time without need to search it from Google or anywhere else. It has important match videos to see when you are not connected to someone important.

Life gives few loved ones in our life and its our duty to value them. In our love for cricket we sometimes didn't cherish their presence in our life and usually forget or miss or postpone important things just to watch a cricket match. In today's smart world we now can manage both with our hand- held devices which are as much part of our lives as anything else. So install UC browser and click on UC cricket to keep everyone happy. UC cricket displays mach updates in your notification panel so that you just need a glance at your phone to know the score and satisfy your cricket love. UC browser also helps you to explore many other app and services much faster from any other browser. #YuviSurfUC and we should also surf it.