Healthy Diet Is Right

Healthy Diet Is Right

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The saying health is wealth is not just a phrase but a fact. If you are not healthy you can't do anything productive and even if you are doing something good in your unhealthy condition then most of your money would utilize in buying medicines and other health related things for you thus decreasing your wealth. Moreover healthy body thinks healthy, you remain active throughout the day without any complaints of lethargy. A healthy body takes away laziness from us. 

Healthy body comes from a balanced diet and regular exercise. A balanced diet is one which gives our body the required nutrients in the required quantity. A diet mixed with fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits, honey, etcetra forms a balanced diet according to the requirement of a particular body type. When this balance breaks and we also stop doing regular exercise fat started accumulating around our body making us unhealthy which resulted in different ailments. As soon as we gain weight we start thinking about the ways to get rid of it and the first think that comes to our mind is the crash diet. Crash diet means a weight-loss diet undertaken to have rapid result. Although it do reduce weight suddenly but in the long run it is not beneficial.

When we go on a crash diet we stop eating which resulted in sudden weight-loss but in the long run our weight becomes stable after a certain point without further reduction. The energy lost during crash diet makes us sleepy and uninterested in any physical activity, skin glow reduces, dark circles started forming around eyes and craving for food also increases so when we see food items it becomes difficult to resist compelling us to eat more than our requirement. So instead of losing weight we gain some extra pounds and with crash diet idea of dieting got crashed. Crash diet may weaken bones, cause hemoglobin deficiency, etc if someone pursue it for a longer period due to less intake of required nutrients in our body

A proper way to have a healthy body is a balanced diet and proper exercise. Honey Diet is a good alternative as a diet plan. You can start your day with drinking lukewarm lemon water with 2 tsps of Dabur honey in it and substitute your sugar with honey in other food items you eat throughout the day. Dabur Honey has introduced some recipes and diet plans on their site to promote healthy living. Moreover honey's health and nutritional values are known to the world from ages. Samples of honey in Egyptian pyramid proves their use in the ancient age. It has sugar in its simplest form which dissolves in the body easily unlike processed sugar which accumulates in the body increasing body fat and body weight which makes us unhealthy. 


  1. Now that I should make sure I have it more especially to reduce my growing weight. You know, honey is also mentioned as the best food by our beloved prophet. :)


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