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The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding.

We in India are fortunate enough to have so many seasons to see due to our position in the world map. Summer,winter,monsoon,spring,etc. You name it and we have it but there is one more season of which we experience many forms and that season is wedding season.

In India wedding is like a destination for each individual to reach at a particular age,one started dreaming about his or her wedding since childhood,beautiful dresses,lavish arrangements,most suitable partner and so on. There are so much expectation in marriages that one spend huge amount of money in food,clothing and other arrangements.Due to huge differences in economic conditions we have so many type of marriage arrangements which one can afford according to budget.

Street marriages where tents were put in streets,food is limited and many times get finished before eating by everybody present there, parks or community center marriages,here marriages started getting bigger with more food items and for all ,bigger arrangements,bride and grooms costumes were better and so on,some may have music arrangements,DJ's ,orchestra according to the budget than we have farm house weddings which are based on themes having proper rehearsals for different ceremonies,dishes of different regions,designer outfits,etc. Last but not the least are palace weddings in old royal palaces which are used now as hotels and resorts where filmstars performs,food is in abundance,high profile people were invited,preparations began before months,dances choreographed,costumes precisely made,etc

Lots of money is wasted in wedding arrangements,food goes in drains in a country where so many people sleep hungry,electricity is overused,a small ceremony can also tie the threads of relation but performed otherwise,those who don't have that much money borrow from others out of  social pressure,dowry is given in the name of gifts,poor people often think there daughters as burden only because of this reason.

There are so many negative expects of such Big Fat Indian Wedding but there is also an other side of it. It provide work and business to thousands and lacks of people directly or indirectly,people plan there business according to marriage season,tailors,carpenters,masons,vegetable vendors,cloth manufacturers,marriage bureaus,painters,electrician,farmers,etc all takes there share from weddings, a good wedding season is a good business season more the demand more is the supply and more will be the profit. So enjoy this season every year.


  1. During our childhood days wedding festivals used to be damn fun. Not only for the closed relatives, but also for the the far ones, the neighbors etc. Now a days that fun is missing.In cities and also in big towns,people usually book a big marriage hall and spend huge amount of money in one evening itself. Earlier marriage festival used to last for weeks. But people are too busy now a days and it last one for few hours now a days.

  2. Budget wedding is passe.It seems Fat weddings-- it has since become a custom-- are being held to show the social & monetary status of parents.It's an avoidable evil, but is strangely catching up with even parents of small means.

  3. loved this a lot...not only you showcased about the various weddings in our society...but also stressed on the pros and cons as well...And i agree with all your points here...Good one...!!!

  4. That's an interesting observation. Always look on the positive side of everything. :)

  5. Nice read. Can't we make the wedding simple?

  6. Weddings are always done on budget. Many of these types of wedding purely depend on status , dignity and respect (from others). How many parents actually save money for their little ones (esp daughters) for years for this one time wedding ! Imagine.

  7. Importance of Mehndi in Indian Weddings...

    Indian marriages are known for their many rituals. In fact, the beauty of Indian weddings comes forth in the numerous traditions that are associated with the special celebration. Marriages being the most important day in one's life, mehndi has become an ornament for the soon to be brides. Infact one whole ceremony dedicated to its celebration popularly known as "Mehndi Ki Raat".Indian marriages are incomplete without dance, music and lots of laughter.

    It is a common belief that the darker the color the mehndi leaves on the hands on a bride, the more will she be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. However, the significance of applying mehndi during weddings is not restricted just to sentiments and beliefs. Although these beliefs make the application of mehndi a much anticipated and charming tradition, the actual reason is of much deeper significance. Platform for Happiness

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  10. Fertility Rituals

    Marriage is one of the biggest fertility rituals Known in Indian culture. When two people get married. they are said to enter grihasta ashram where they are expected to bear children. satify their sexual urge, earn money and follow religious practices. Hindu marriages profess the idea of coming together of the energies and paving way to a new creation.

    Offering of Grains

    Throughout India, one thing that remains common to all communities is offring of grains in wedding ceremony. Mostly rice, puffed rice or whole grains, these grains are fed to the sacred fire in different ceremonies.

    Importance of Shiva's Bael leaves

    Holy Bael leaves are proffered in several ceremonies before the wedding and after it. In many communities in india, before the wedding day arrives, Bael leaves are placed in earthen pots which are topped with different kinds of cereals. After the wedding, the sprouted seedlings are then released in a flowing river or a pool. This ritual is performed to invoke blessings of Lord Shiva upon the married couple and pray for their progeny.

    Vishnu's pious Lotus

    As per mythology, at the time of creation of the universe, while lord Vishnu was pondering over the creation of mankind, a pious lotus rose out of his navel. On that lotus was seated Lord Brahma who paved way to the creation and illumination of the universe. Thus, lotus remains symbolic of procreation, birth and fertility. It is Therefore, offered during wedding puja to the gods to confer potency upon the couple. Also, At the time of a Hindu wedding, the bride and the groom are given the stature of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu because they represent the eternal companionship and exemplify how a relationship between husband and wife should be.

    Nose ring

    Usually seen as a piece of accessory, almost all brides sport nose ring on their wedding day. In some communities, girls are told to get their nose pierced before they tie the knot.

    Sacred coconut rituals

    Across India, since time immemorial coconut has enjoyed its association with human fertility in a sacrosanct manner. In Gujarat, there is a ritual of bride presenting a coconut in a customary way to the groom at the time of the marriage. Here coconut is symbolic of the progency of the couple that the bridegifts the groom. Of all the fruits, coconut is most closely related to human skull because of the three marking on its base that resemble human facial features.

    The mantras of virility

    During saat pheras in a Hindu marriage, there are several mantras that are chanted for progency of the couple. While the first phera is for a long lasting companionship, in the second Phera, "Kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam", the bride promises the groom that she will fill his with love and will bear children of him.

    The History

    There was a time when potency was considered as the be all and all of all activities. The earliest ritual of fertility among Hindus can be dated back to the Harappan civilization where it has been discovered that people worshipped clay figurines of a mother goddess who represented fertility. Several phallic symbols representing gods in sitting position wearing bull's horns (Bull being a universal symbol of male potency) have also been found at the sites of indus Valley Civilization. As the world evolved and ancient civilizations paved way to the modern societies, marriage started being considered as a mandatory ceremony before women could conceive. Also, the idea of marriage was propelled by the thought of having the family legacy move ahead; so that families could get heirs.

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