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Apart from print and television media one thing which contributes most in framing public opinion is Cinema. A medium which is immensely popular among the masses and means a lot to them. Hindi Cinema or Bollywood as it is popularly called is part of each one of us and it has completed its hundred years.

Since first film Raja Harishchandra made by DadaSahab Phalke it has never look back and today it is the most successful film industry in the world. Early films were silent and mostly based on mythological themes as  it was considered taboo to watch films or to work in them and for women it was strictly banned which was also the reason that initial films cast male actors in female roles.

Films are always a face of changing society,it is a mirror which shows what exists in our country and the world.As female progresses soon they also started working in Indian films,after independence films started taking subjects of social importance,films like Do Beega Zameen, Mother India,etc projected plights of farmers,Shree 420 was based on theme of black marketing. There were films like Pyasa,Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai,Boot Polish,Jagriti,Biraj Bahu,Kagaz Ke Phool,Awara,Dhool Ka Phool,etc. which highlighted various social,political issues. As Indian society progresses so is the cinema angry young energetic Vijay,Ravi of 70's took place of Raju,Birju of 50's and 60's.They are characteristics of the unrest of that time due to corruption,black marketing,unemployment,etc. Later in 90's there place was taken by Raj,Rahul,Prem,etc which concerns only about there love life and how to get there love. They are modern,carefree and knows what they want. Heroines also changes in this pattern,early female characters were home bound,in 70's they are modern,working women. 90's shows the female characters as one which has its choice of its own and now the modern women is bold,fearless and sometimes more powerful than its male counterpart.

In these 100 years films have become an integral part of our life,one forgets all his problems,tensions and worries as soon as one enters in a cinema hall. It keep alive the flame of hope that everything will be soon all right, it gives dreams,shares sorrows,fought for our rights,show us the right path,make us aware of problems in other parts of our country and world,put forth social problems, finds solutions and so on.

Today worlds watches Indian films. Our male and female actors are known world over,in most parts of the world India is synonyms with Bollywood. Some might say that it maligns our culture,tradition,social values,etc but in reality it shows what is all ready happening in our homes,communities and society. It make us aware of things and alert against the evils in society.

Note: If anybody feels like commenting for the post please also mention the name of your favorite hindi film. Thank you.


  1. Indian Cinema has seen vast changes over the century...starting from classical movies...last century to Action packed...commercial's very difficult to name a single movie as favorite as there are many and you cannot simply compare one over the other...!!!


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