Water Water Everywhere

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Water Water Everywhere

He woke up sweating profusely. 'Wow! What a strange dream. That poem has fully occupied my mind. I thought I was the sailor from 'Samuel Taylor Coleridge's' 'THE RHYME OF ANCIENT MARINER ' in my dream.' He woke up from bed and went to kitchen to drink water but he found none in the bottles in the fridge. He shouted for his mother who told him that bottles were empty because dirty water was coming from the tap. 'Even purifier is not cleaning it properly.' 

'But I need water, Mom! I am thirsty like sailors in that poem' His mother was puzzled from his remark and gave him money to buy water bottles from outside shop. His locality shop has sold out all stock of water bottles. He went to other shops nearby but all have same status - 'No Water'. His mouth was dry like the sand in the desert. His lips too was without any moisture. Saliva in his mouth was not enough to sooth his thirst. Suddenly clouds appear in the sky as if god has heard his prayers. He sat on a bench on road side to drench himself in rain water and quench his thirst. Moreover he was feeling so weak to go back home. 

As rain started pouring he stretched both his hands to collect water in his palms. When his palm pit was full he was excited to drink it but some one shook his hand to throw down water. ' What are you doing my boy? Haven't you read these warning government posters about probability of poisonous water in first rain of the season.' A man shouted angrily pointing towards a poster on a wall. While reading poster he laughed hysterically thinking lines of that poem:

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Note: Save Water. We Have No Other Alternative for it.

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