History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

"Maharajah Abhay Singh of Jodhpur required wood for the construction of his new palace. So the king sent his soldiers to cut trees in the nearby region of Khejarli, where the village is filled with the large number of trees. But when Amrita Devi and local villagers came to know about it, they opposed the king's men. The feudal party told her that if she wanted the trees to be spared, she would have to give them money as a bribe. She refused to acknowledge this demand and told them that she would consider it as an act of insult to her religious faith and would rather give away her life to save the green trees. Thus many innocents were killed by soldiers to fulfill king's will."

Above story is famous among Bishnoi Samaj of Rajasthan who worship animals,trees and other natural resources as part of their faith. Nearly two centuries later history repeats itself when a 28-year-old woman was burnt alive in her village near Jodhpur on Sunday allegedly for protesting the chopping of a tree. What is more shocking is the involvement of village Sarpanch and government revenue officer in the crime. Police has lodged FIR against 10 people including these two. Rajasthan is a desert land trees hold more importance there than any other place in India. Such acts by government officials and the people who have power again took us to the dark ages of autocratic rulers which can do whatever. The accused must be severely punished to stop such crimes in the future. 

History repeat itself also in The Kapil Sharma Show where Sunil Grover (who played characters like Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi) detached himself from the show after misbehavior by Kapil Sharma in a return flight from Australia. Kapil allegedly abused Sunil Grover and Chandan who played tea-seller in the show. Sunil Grover left the show after this incidents along with Chandan, Ali and Sugandha. It is reported that show garnered lesser TRPs this weak without these comedians. Similar TRP drop was resulted earlier too when the show Comedy Nights with Kapil aired on Colors TV and Sunil left the show after altercation with Kapil. 

As a fan of the show I hope everything get back to normal because the show was genuinely lacked energy and fun this weekend. History also repeated when BJP's choice for Yogi Adityanath as UP CM was criticized against the idea of new India promoted by PM Narender Modi. BJP supporters as always labelled these people anti-nationals who must leave for Pakistan. History also repeated in the matter of Aadhar card which was made mandatory by central government in-spite Supreme Court's order. Supreme Court order denial has repeated by government in several occasions. Moreover this move is interference in people's privacy. London terror attack was also an example of history repeat. 

History will repeat many times in the course of making new historical events but I hope and wish this happens in a positive way. God Bless India


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