Assembly Elections 2017

Assembly Elections 2017

This is my first post for the year 2017 so I want to wish Happy New Year to all of you. This post is also a kind of achievement for me since I am completing 500th post with this one. I am blogging since 2009 and it took a long time to reach here. Between my 1st and 500th post I have won many contests, recognized by many blogging platforms for my work, have earned some valuable readers, rewarded for various feats and have become published author by participating in two anthologies. Since my blog is now more into politics and society; I hope to continue my fearless writing in years to come. 

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Election Commission today announced polls in five key states of India i.e Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur. The electoral process starts with the notification of elections (January 11) and ends with the announcement of results (March 11). Model code of conduct is enabled after announcement which means political parties are not allowed to inaugurate any government projects or policies. Manipur is still in disturbed state which need to be controlled before it goes to polls and that I think will remain the main concern for the voters. 

Demonetization going to remain the main poll issue where opposition will count on the drawbacks of the policy and Narender Modi led BJP will shout out its benefits. Only the result will decide how note ban has affected the nation. As the campaign progresses I am sure I would find more poll related issues to write during this period till then we have to see that Election Commission ensured that Supreme Court order about not using caste, color, religion to ask for vote is followed by the candidates along with the money limit allotted to them. Till then God Bless India.