Book Review : Six Degrees

Book Review : Six Degrees

Six Degrees is a collection of three stories written by the top three teams of BlogAdda’s Game of Blogs a contest in which about 300 bloggers collaborated to write stories with certain sets of characters and conditions. I also participated in this with my team. I have received this book for being part of the BlogAdda’s Book Review Program and the book is published by Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. These three stories bring you three different scenarios experienced by the same set of characters which creates an amazing reading experience. 

Cover: I am still confused about the title ‘Six Degrees’ and how it relates with the stories but I like the cover design having so many faces perhaps indicating towards all the participating bloggers in the Game of Blogs. 

Plot: The book contains three stories by three different teams namely The Awakening by Team By Lanes, Entangled Lives by Team Potliwale Baba and Missing – A Journey Within By Team Tete-A-Ten. Here is the look at the content of this stories: 

1.The Awakening – By Team By Lines: The Awakening is a science fiction story where the given characters namely Shekhar Dutta, Tara Dutta, Roohi Dutta, Cyrus Daruwala, Jenifer Joseph and Aryan Ahuja are living in a world under threat from the attack of the Aliens. What is the connection of Dutta family with this Alien invasion? Why Cyrus came in Tara’s life to disturb her happy family life with Shekhar and Roohi? How and why earth’s existence is in danger? These questions get an answer in this fast paced thrilling story. 

2.Entangled Lives – By Team Potliwale Baba: This story is a murder mystery. The murder of Dutta’s maid in their house brings the needle of suspicion on all present in their home at that time including Cyrus and Jenifer. Interestingly all of them have purpose to kill her. How inspector Java solves this crime makes it an interesting read.

3.Missing – A Journey Within – By Team Tete-a-Ten:  Missing Roohi and her discovery uncover the things missing in lives of each character. How the lost love, the lost faith and the lost friendship return in their lives covers the content of the story. 

Hits: All three stories are totally different from each other. The Awakening and Entangled Lives gives little time to readers to divert their attention. I also liked the writing style of Missing.  All stories hold you tight on your seats which make this book unputdownable. Out of these three ‘The Awakening’ is my favorite for combining Ancient Mysteries with the modern world. Characters and situations are believable which make them easy to connect to our lives.

Misses: I think the book needs a good editor specially ‘Missing’. All stories are not new and their treatment is also not different from previously released works (Books or TV). Some parts appear factually wrong in all three stories although they are almost unnoticeable if you don’t emphasize on logic and facts. Missing appears to me a disconnected story to the theme because story becomes more of added characters then those given by the BlogAdda.

Verdict: It is an interesting read and must give this book a try. 

Rating: I would give it 3/5. 

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  1. Given your review, I'm definitely going for 6 Degrees.

  2. Thank you for the lovely review :) So glad to find out that 'The Awakening' is your favorite! :)

    Team ByLines

  3. Thank you for the review :)
    - Team Potliwale Baba

  4. Thank you so much for the kind review :) specially for Entangled Lives


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