The Fast and Curious

The Fast and Curious

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They say 'World is at your finger tips' regarding new age smart phones which are used more as a palm-computer than as mobile devices. The age of voice call is nearing to an end with the emergence of video calls and if you still think about text message than you must be using those old phones better to be used as paper weights because now is the time of video messages. A hand-held device i.e your smart phone is capable of doing all things.

But the smart phone has its own limitations, most of the above mentioned features and some more features like online gaming, live cricket streaming, movie downloads, music downloads, updating social sites with latest selfies and pics, following tweets of your favorites in real-time and many such features are dependent on your phone's Internet network which means a smart phone is dumb without a smart network and all the features like video calling, video messages are useless if you are unable to use them. 

Airtel the biggest network provider in India with nationwide coverage has resolved your speed problems with #Airtel4G. The company with fastest 3G network is first to launch 4G services in India in across 296 cities at 3G prices. You can get this 4G Sim just by tweeting #GetAirtel4G @airtelindia on Twitter. 

A movie buff and curious person like me who wants every information quickly at his smart phone need this speed to get rid of two words 'buffering' and 'loading'. A movie which runs by taking pauses  is like a horse stopping at each turn during a race. When you required information about something or while playing a game phone showing the message of 'loading' 'still loading' is annoying. Sometimes network takes so much time that you forget what you were searching. 4G is fast and resolves these speed problems. The most important thing is that you are getting 4G speed at the price of 3G from Airtel. The time has arrived when your smart phone would be smarter and faster. 

Nowadays we spend most of the time with our smart phones and whether watching a video or posting to your blog and even shopping are performed using this device. The 'Oh Yes Abhi' generation which wants everything instantly doesn't like waiting. It irritates them when slow network prompts for refilling of bank details during an online transaction. So better switch to 4G than to curse mobile gods. During online transactions many times the system deduct money from your account without order being properly placed putting you in trouble to contact customer care thus restricting a common man from using phones for online shopping. A fast network not only ensures safe transaction but also encourages this type of shopping which saves your time and money.