Pakistan Demands Land From India

Pakistan Demands Land From India - A Satire


Union Cabinet Minister Muqhtar Abbas Naqvi's suggestion of sending all beef eaters to Pakistan was welcomed by Pakistan due to excess of Beef Spices with them. Pakistani officials are offering great offers on flights and accommodations for those people who were willing to settle there,' We have estimated the number of people we need to accommodate here so we are demanding more land from Indian government for this purpose along with previously demanded Kashmir.' He added in media briefing that they could wait on Kashmir issue but beef issue was more serious. 

India is the largest exporter of beef in the world but those who involved in slaughtering and transporting this beef to the world are prohibited to eat the same due to some unforeseen health consequences. Naqvi's idea has initiated farewell parties among Christians, Muslims, Dalits and also among some Hindus in states of Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, North-Eastern States, West Bengal et cetera to bid good bye to their friends. While Pakistan is welcoming them these people are keen on getting Beefistan or Beefland or IndiBeef from the Indian government. Some said that they understood sentiments related to cow slaughter but why Ox and Buffalo suddenly turned sacred to some hardliners. Some ministers and parliamentarian are also supporting this demand.

The Cattle community have also joined the protest on demands of a Cattle Land where all cows, buffaloes, ox, etc could live peacefully away from humans. The new government which believes in good days for everyone is also considering this demand seriously. Let's see what happens in the future but Naqvi is receiving letters and messages from Chicken community for a similar remark on their eaters so that they a Chicken land would be a reality in future.


  1. You've nailed it. Superbly written. Such idiots are law-makers that they should join the movement.


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