Jailed and Bailed

Jailed and Bailed

The prompt action by Bombay High Court brought tears in my eyes due to the quickness by our judiciary. The case which was on trial for about thirteen years ended with conviction of the accused for 5 years rigorous imprisonment by Session Court at around 4 pm on 6th May 2015. The accused required to appeal for bail in the high court for the charges levied on him were bailable only in high court, the high court stops working after 5 pm and it was then the action begins. A lawyer was arranged, pleaded for bail and Hurrah! The bail was granted within 30 minutes on the same day before closing of courts at 5 pm. 

The accused I am talking about is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, the case he was convicted for was 2002 hit and run case where his drunken driving resulted in death of one person and injuries to four others sleeping on the pavement. It took 13 years to a session court for giving him jail for 5 years and it took only thirty minutes for granting bail to him. I don't have any problem in this but what about equality of justice. Do we expect same for any other accused in hit and run case? Don't we want stricter laws to tackle drunken driving? Is this the example we are setting? Is judiciary a ball in the hands of rich and powerful? 

His lawyers appealed for leniency because of his philanthropic works. Does giving charity give you a license to commit a crime? Does running a orphanage give you right to sexually abuse the children? I can understand the feeling of his fans and followers, I also like his movies and appreciate his charity work but I can't support him in his criminal endeavor. I am sure no body would applaud release of any criminal in such a way then why him. 

If makers of 'India's Daughter' documentary by BBC were wrong in showing sympathy towards family of the rapists than you are also wrong if you are crying after seeing visuals of his family. It hurts but it was not wrong he was penalized for his wrong Karma. Justice delivered but delayed, he was jailed but hastily bailed. 


  1. Accepting the truth or altering it according to your own convenience:-

    Since last week the latest news popping is offcourse the Salman Khan and recently today adding it up by the news of Jaylalita being acquitted by the court and even Raju Satyam case of also being acquitted by the court with other 10 convicted persons along with him.
    Firstly is there any Bail season going on or any scheme in which even if you have committed a horrendous amount of an offense you would surely not be held liable by the court because viewing the judgments of the above mentioned cases i am surely loosing faith on the pity judgments been delivered by the court on these suffered offenders.

    Living in a democratic country makes you feel an essence of fair treatment towards every citizen . But my perspective of fair decision is surely on the verge of a change when we hear the above mentioned cases being free on the easy breezy option i.e BAIL.Those offenders have an easy alteration solution to their problem by freeing themselves on Bail.

    It took 13 years for the court to deliver a fair judgment on "Hit-Run case of Salman khan " resulting to be convicted for 5 years whereas it took only two days for Salman Khan to deny the fact that he has been convicted by the court and therefore according to his convenience he got a bail over his conviction. Though The justice was delayed but surely it has also got denied by Mr. Salman Khan and the court as well.

    Do we as "common people" also have an option to free our self easily on bail even if we commit a dreadful offense or this option is only available for the big-shot people and specially the people who have a "POWER OF MONEY" that they could easily supersede their decisions.

    Judiciary system being bias on unfair decisions of Big-shot offenders that they have completely been ignorant and negligent too towards the problems been faced by the innocent victims who suffer horrendously for their whole life and these decisions would later paved their way to death.

    To whom are we really fooling the "Aam Janta" or to those who have a fear of owing upto their mistakes and accepting the truth. Seriously never imagined that the reason for covering up the offenses of these offenders would be so impractically vague(Jayalalita case).

    Under article 14 of the Constitution it has been stated "Equality before law" but here there has been a misrepresentation of this article as the Judicial system being bias and unfair in delivering justice to different people. As in one case there was a person who was convicted for stealing 50 rs and here when the case is so transparent , court is being blind or acting blind of not seeing the major offense being committed by Salman Khan of killing people for the past 13 years.People are convicted for such small offenses that still they have no fear of visiting the jail but i guess Salman Khan has been horrified by the word "JAIL" and not "BAIL".Therefore the bridge between poor and the Rich is increasing.

    Surely no major difference could be figured between Salman khan or Jayalalita and The RAPE OFFENDERS because firstly they are hardly convicted and secondly, even if they are convicted they make sure that they free themselves on an reserve option for them being "BAIL". Definitely not all can have this power !

    "Right to fair and equal JUSTICE" is a natural right of every individual which seems to be violated by the unfair actions and decisions been presented by the court . Judges are a form of god who are surely building up a great history by their unfair decisions.

    Lastly, Justice must prevail with fair and equal means . Accepting the judgment of the court is an "Heroic Action" and therefore abiding by it. Probably the minds of the people have got corrupted to that level that they are being completely ignorant towards the acknowledgment of "REAL TRUTH" .



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