Ek Nayi League

Ek Nayi League

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Cricket Leagues, Kabaddi Leagues, Football Leagues, Badminton Leagues and so many other leagues are coming in the country. Their motive is to promote their respective game by giving it a flavor of glamour and entertainment and their acceptance among the masses shows their success in the their endeavor. They have changed the way we see these games, the way we feel these games. They have earned a viewership of those people also which used to avoid watching these games or those who didn't like them at all. In this crowd of leagues our very own loving, famous, forever young cricketer Mr Kapil Dev is bringing #EkNayiLeague among us. 

Ek Nayi League as the name suggests would be a different and a new concept. In his videos he is urging celebrities from the field of sports and television that playing this league with heart is like giving your own wicket (Hit Wicket) or a surprise twist (Googly). In his campaign picture he is posing like a quiz master touching his head with finger of his left hand an impression usually used to imply something related to wit and wisdom. If I conclude all these evidences then Ek Nayi League appears to me a cricket based entertaining game show.

A celebrity show where participants would face situations where they need to decide from emotional angle or practical angle and the emotional side would either eliminate you or would send you in danger for a new test essential for saving one from eviction. Kapil Paji's presence surely relates it to cricket because he is the one face along with Sachin Tendulkar who have instilled cricket in veins of Indian people. Everybody recognizes him as the man who first lifted the cricket world cup for India in 1983 and his image holding the cup from the balcony of Lord's Cricket Stadium (London, England) is unforgettable. Cricket, Celebrity, Cerebral is a deadly combination for an entertainment based game show. Kapil's mix of rustic and modern style would sure to add cherry to such a show.

I wish that if my guess about Ek Nayi League is wrong and it comes out something else even then someone should consider my idea for a game show of such type. Ek Nayi League's mysterious campaign have engaged online audience in this guessing game. Kapil Dev's twitter debut @therealkapildev before #EkNayiLeague is also making this event exciting. The interest generated by this campaign is humongous and lots of people are waiting for the revelation of this secret. I am also eager to know what the role Kapil Dev is playing in this new league. His role with this league is also a matter of suspense and curiosity among the masses. There are also possibilities that #EkNayiLeague would be a social initiative.What do you think about Ek Nayi League? If you are guessing something share it on at http://www.eknayileague.com/