Book Review : The Wedding Trousseau

Book Review : The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories is a collection of 11 stories written by Ankita Sharma and published by Humming Words Publishers. I have received this author signed copy from the author. All 11 tales are inspired from various shades and areas of life.

Cover : It has a simple and soothing cover design. Images of high rise buildings denotes city where all the stories are based. The rear has an image of a dog which is connected to one of the stories in the book. Overall cover is nice and apt for the book.

Plot : This book contains 11 stories which are all different but similar in the theme. They are all based on human psyche and relationship some of which leave you flabbergasted with the way they are approached. The title story of The Wedding Trousseau deals with the complicated relationship of a husband and a wife. Humor, disgust, dejection, surprise, sympathy, awe, fear and many other emotions unfolds with each story.

Highs : Each story leave you with a question to think about ourselves and our society. The use of conversations in the narrative helps in deeper understanding of the psyche of character which blends well with the narrative. The use of simple language enhances your reading experience. You can't single out a story which is boring. These story make you think and introspect yourselves.

Lows: No story is boring but some lose their pace in between. Few story appears to me as incomplete without any conclusion. 

Verdict: Go get your copy today to discover different angles of the human psyche with a fresh perspective. An unputdownable read.

Rating : I would give it 4/5

The author blogs at You can buy this book from Amazon and BuyBook India


  1. Thanks a lot for the review! I am happy you liked the book :D

  2. I haven't read the book yet but your review makes me want to buy the book.A crisp and candid review as I can make of it

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