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Politics At Its Best

Politics At Its Best

Before the start of 2013,the preparation for 2014 polls by political parties started in full swing. There are sessions of blame game,there are situations of credit grappling and of course partners swapping. Since 2012 opposition is finding ways to degrade the reputation of UPA government and Prime Minister,with inflation on a high and boom in scams of this government an early poll will be boon for opposition and that's where political game begins.

If any body wants to learn politics observe what is happening in India from 2012. There are so many scams unfolding each day but the big one came with coalgate where Prime Minister was also involved. Opposition took it as an opportunity and disrupted the Parliament's monsoon session without any work,FDI was to be discussed than that's where government played it's first card FDI was passed in the cabinet meeting and than the magic happens it also got passed in the Parliament (Yes,CBI played a crucial role in it but this is how politics work.)

Than came game changer scheme i.e direct cash transfer to lure the lower and middle class changing the focus of masses away from scams and inflation. Then came the Railway recruitment scam which again disrupt winter session and part of budget session opposition was again on a high but to counter that government has food subsidy bill in it's hand for which government is working very hard, what a move I should say. 

But here is more to come,Jagan Reddy son of former Andhra Pardesh CM Late Y.S.R. Ready has become powerful in his state being separated from Congress and it might be possible that he may join hands with BJP after elections also Chandrashekhar Rao of  Telangana Rashtra Samiti is a threat to them. With creation of Telangana UPA and Congress hit two aims with one arrow ,there popularity increases in state and Jagan's power decreases and now Chandrashekhar Rao may again join UPA.

There are also other decisions during this period which are great political moves which I would like to mention,secret hanging of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru,suspicious death of main accused in Delhi gang rape,Lokbal bill passed in Lok Sabha curbing Anna movement, anti rape law came into force,making Pranab Mukherji as president of India. There is still time in 2014 election so we have chances to see more politics in coming months. 


  1. Politicians started playing to the galleries and we may witness more thamasha in the days to come.


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