Welcome to NEW INDIA

Welcome to NEW INDIA

New India Flag Without Green Color 

New India has new traits and we welcome you to this. The country still stretches from Kashmir to Kanyakumari from north to south and from Arunanchal Pradesh to Gujarat from east to west but I advise you to avoid going to Kashmir as we don’t know when situation go out of control and you find yourself between security personal and stone pelters tussle.As far as Arunanchal is concerned with China we can resolve the problem as we are doing in Doklam area.

Bow to cows as you see them in any corner of the country eating waste plastic garbage or just roaming on busy roads. Refer Patanjali of Baba Ramdev before using any cow product they may have absolute copyright to it. If you see them injured in state like Uttar Pradesh where infants death rate is high in August or in Madhya Pradesh where farmers income is projected to be incraesing every election year you can even call ambulance to hospitals designated to Mother. Also accompany cows on their way to Aadhar enrollment even if you are not getting Aadhar benefits due to erased finger prints by manual labor jobs.

We have completely changed. Now we can’t tolerate people different to us. We beat them easily and even can kill them whether they are foreigners, people from different faith, different caste, color or even tribal people who don’t belong to us are not spared; the highest literary rate state Kerala is also not far behind in doing so. We are casual in our approach and our video of killings goes viral easily with many supporters instigating us to do so more often. Lynching and killing I must say should be made our national past time.

In new India we believe in non-existence of people doing fraud with us. We send them either Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi, etc to safe foreign countries so that they can’t pollute our country with their dirty corruption. Yes you are right we have zero tolerance to corruption so we either take them in ruling party or send them outside country. Now our main focus is not lowering GDP, decreasing tax collection, Rupee price falling or things like that but to find ways to erase Muslims from our history. We are doing great research on this field and even changed winners of few battles in the past.

Please come and visit a PROPOSED HINDU NATION and feel free to share other feedback I have missed here. We are experts in making a mountain out of a small stone so praise us little and we can do the rest. Good Bye. God Bless India,

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  1. 'Cifar' means zero, right? Well, you're 'cifar-thought' too. Nobody can take away the inclusiveness of our social fabric. Get off the extreme thinking and non-green flags. Muslims are part and parcel of our lives and social fabric. Yes, absolutely NO place for idiots and traitors who shout Bharat Tere Tukde Honge InshaAllah, dragging the muqaddast Name into such depravity. Or for anyone, read anyone, who disrespect or dares stone the Indian defence Forces. Relax. From amongst career cheats and retard political 'scions' and successors, take your pick. Our social fabric is, and must remain, bigger and stronger than those who would split and divide it. And sad to say, your blog piece with the pic and headline has joined the list of such corrosive albeit thankfully half-baked and under-thought attempts.

    1. I think you are living in some wonderland not able to see the happenings around the country. Somebody is killed in a train for wearing a skull cap and having beard, somebody for transporting cow for his dairy and somebody for just being the Muslim because someone hates him. Yes I do have belief in Indian constitution but a party is working to alter that too. Think with the open mind and enjoy this satire in hope that such things never happen.

  2. Painful New India. The shocking surprise is when the party that brought India to this tragedy gets elected again somewhere or the other.

  3. Great thoughts communicated here!


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