The Cow's World

The Cow's World

Hearing on a Public Interest Litigation Chief Justice Sand Singh popularly known as 'The Ox' declined the demand for equal status of humans in 'The Cows World'. He said that there is no use of bringing stale human rights to their world which don't even existed in true manner in The Human's World. He emphasized on the use of less money in domesticating them for farm use because in they end they are useless. 

Petitioner 'Gau Lal Devi' is disheartened with the decision due to her emotional connect with the humans one of whom saved her from drowning. She said in a dejected tone,' I am disappointed with the decision and wants a larger bench to hear it again. We have a long association with humans and most of them are not as cruel as we think. We live in the liberal world where we must give them equal right as cows enjoys in this world of us.'

Public showed a mix response on social media. While some hailed it as historic authentication of the danger possessed by the free humans some said its wrong because scriptures talk positively about humans. Human right activists remain unavailable for the comment after court issued arrest orders for any public statement in support of humans. Larger bench will hear the petition next week but experts believe they only affirm the Chief justice's view. For now two minutes silence for the human rights. 


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