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Girl Power in Rio

Girl Power In Rio

“The greatest happiness is achieving something which none believe you can
 – Prophet Mohammad”

Indian Olympic contingent was all time bigger so the expectations were high this time since we also have Nehwal, Bindra, Narang, Paes, Phogat, Mirza like champions who all have earned respect in international arenas. But today we have a bronze medalist and a silver medalist both of whom were never in the media limelight neither expert’s favorite before the Rio Olympics 2016. Sakshi Malik who have won bronze in women wrestling and PV Sindhu who won first ever women silver for India in badminton has ended the medal drought for the country. The third athlete which also came closer to winning and make India proud for qualifying for women gymnast is Dipa Karmakar who was also not among favorites.

This is also an eye opener for all those who believed women meant only for producing babies and to run the house. Even though there is no need to established women supremacy in every field to prove they are equal to man some still needs such achievements to praise Girl Power. Their achievements also questions sport reporting and expert sports panelists who were putting their money on already tried and tested players. They were mentioned for formalities only. Ironically their winning is now covered on first pages of newspapers as well as prime time slots on TV news.

India is a land of cricket here people eat, drink, bleed only cricket so achieving highest rewards in other sports than cricket is a marvelous thing. Governments as we all know are negligent towards these sports if started giving help to them then we can achieve much more successes in these fields. Indian schools concentrate only on academics, their motto is not all round development as a result of which we create mechanical individuals not interested in sports, art or crafts but on ways of earning money. We need to change our education system to make it pro-sports where all games are treated equally. A child must have choice in selecting the game of his/her liking.

Sakshi, Sandhu and Dipa have given us some wonderful moments to celebrate and cherish for years. Hope India cares for sports/sportsperson more in future so that we can get better results. God Bless India. 


  1. The wonderful women will change the game of sports and showed their might. They deserve all respect and high time for parents to stop with this idiotic patriarchy of getting daughters married to produce babies or cook. Yes! Time to encourage other sports to develop and make as successful as cricket.

  2. In spite of a faulty Sport Admin these girls did miracles and proved their mettle

  3. These women have indeed made us so proud!


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