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The Story of a Suicide

The Story of Suicide

The Story of Suicide is a book or rather an e-book written by Sriram Ayer having illustrations by Ghana. It is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit. 

Plot: Hari his parents and his sister were excited for his admission in KIT, Chennai. They all went from Bangalore to Chennai to drop him in his hostel room where he met his room partner Sam. Sam was a technology geek from rich background having a dream to develop unique software. He was disturbed due to a broken relationship before coming to the campus but was feeling good after helping Charu(his senior in college) and Alex Sir in saving Mani's life who tried to commit suicide in his hostel room. Mani's life was saved and Charu came closer to Sam
Hari gradually found himself attracted to Mani for his friendly behavior he always craved in his life. He even shared his painful childhood memories with him which he never shared with anyone not even his sister Anju. The feeling of friendship soon turned to love when they both admit being homosexuals. Sam on the other hand started liking Charu forgetting his past relationship. Charu also found him interesting but his hate for men always came in between their relationship. She didn't want to be a commodity to use and throw which complicated their relationship to an extend which forced Sam to take an unimaginable step. Sam's action unfolded the sequence of events which changed the life of not only his and Charu but also of Hari-Mani.

Comment: The story deals with the life and complications of today's youth. The imagery created with dream sequences is powerful which enthralled the reader with accompanying illustrations. This illustrations also helps reader to understand story better. The simple language and flow of the story makes it an engrossing read. The end I feel is abrupt which left the story incomplete in a way but story raises questions required to think and such ending gives that possibility. It takes time in building the characters and the connection with them ends suddenly with the climax. 


The frustrations, pains experienced by characters are what most of us feel when we are sad or broken. I can relate to the part of book where Charu is judged for her behavior. We usually see or hear people labeling girls with demeaning words for what they do or how they behave in their life while our criteria of judging the boys is usually different. Opinions about homosexuals too are narrow in our society, people considered it as a disease which requires medical treatment. Personal choice don't matter in our rotten tradition.

Life is wonderful which need to be experienced to the fullest. I think one reach to the point of ending his/her life when started to think about the consequences of our some actions not acceptable to family or society. But remember nothing is more important than your life. In the course of life we all manage to get something or the other which is good for us without following the usual paths lay down by our society. A point in life comes where neither money, nor love and not even your status is important but what matters is self happiness. Don't give up until you reach that point and after reaching there life and death holds no value neither are the things which you think are necessary to have and have pressurized you all your life. 

The story of suicide opens you for the realities of life and strengthen you to cope with every problem comes your way. You can read the full story at : The Story of a Suicide.

This post is written for The Story of a Suicide an IndiChange initiative by Indiblogger.  


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