Book Review : Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Book Review : Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Thousand Unspoken Thoughts is a poetry book written by Prerna Khatri who is an Advocate by profession. The book is published by Virgin Leaf Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. I have received this book from the publishers. 

Cover: Cover is simple, the feather and ink-pot on it looked like waiting to write these unspoken thoughts. I think the cover is suitable for this kind of book.

Content: This book is a collection of prose poems without written in any particular form or rhyme scheme. There are 50 of such prose poems making us aware of the thoughts of poetess Prerna Khatri. The poetess's dreams,aspirations,imaginations,thoughts,messages,reality check, etc are woven in this 97 pages book.

Comment: I liked the thought behind many prose like 'On Change, Freedom In Chains, In Conversation with the Devil, Reflections, Let There Be Light and many more other poems. Some poems are straight and I didn't find any artistic imagery, poetic scheme or any thing like that which make reading poems different from paragraph or prose reading. If the poems were characterized by themes or thoughts the readers's understanding of the idea behind the poem would be more clear. Thoughts as the poetess called them looks impressive but up to an extent and doesn't leave an impact on your minds once you are over with the book.

Verdict: Read in one go book. Small so munch it in free time.

Rating: I would give 2/5.

You can buy it from Amazon. 


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