Special 62

Special 62

62 billionaires enjoying wealth equivalent to the poorest half of the world population which means their wealth can feed half the world yet hunger and poverty is prevalent in the world. This Oxfam report was published recently just before the World Economic Forum 2016 meeting in Davos - Switzerland. This inequality of resources is root cause of almost all the problems in the world.

The number of richest people owning wealth of the poorest half of the world have decreased from 388 in 2010 to 62 in 2016 which brings forth that only few people are getting richer day by day and they only enjoying the resources of the world. If the world would run by only privileged few than there is nothing which could stop the unrest among the deprived rest. This unrest resulted in crimes, rapes, riots, wars, depression, suicides and what not. Money surely can't buy anything but for those who have nothing even something matters and to get that something from those who have everything they can go to any extent. In short these 62 people are running this world according to their whims and fancies. 

The Indian condition is not too different here only 1% people have wealth equivalent to 99 % of Indian population. The poor mainly consists of Dalits, Muslims and Other Backward Classes and I am not surprised because they are the people exploited by politicians as vote bank without much improvement in their living standards. Dalits and Muslims faced discrimination in the Indian society which have further marginalized their status. 

The inequality is not only among rich and poor but also between Men and Women. The Oxfom report mentioned above suggested just 9 women in the list of 62. Oxfam is calling for urgent action to tackle the inequality crisis and reverse the dramatic fall in wealth of the poorest half of the world. It is urging world leaders in World Economic Forum to adopt a three-pronged approach - cracking down on tax dodging, increased investment in public services and action to boost the income of the lowest paid.  As a priority, it is calling for an end to the era of tax havens which has seen increasing use of offshore centers by rich individuals and companies to avoid paying their fair share to society. This has denied governments valuable resources needed to tackle poverty and inequality.

The black money which remained the hot topic in 2014 election has become outdated now for Modi government, the rich are making wealth and illegally hiding it from the government to save tax. World leaders and Indian leaders must think for quick action to part this inequality among rich and poor. Till then God Bless India, God Bless The World.   


  1. I wish the privileged few do that and we become a balanced world to live in!

  2. “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”
    ― Aristotle

    This will sound empty coming from an American but more and more there is less an east/west or north/south divide plaguing humanity. It's the rich and their poor deluded lackeys versus those struggling to keep their families feed and save enough to put their kids in school.

    Yeah, it's still decent here in the States for many but our lifestyle can't be sustained for much longer. Long story short, we're all sharing a crowded and abused planet and the horrors some are going through will eventually filters down to us all.


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