When Avinash got this silver car he knew that Rea would be more excited and happy than him. He telephoned her to be ready as they were going on a month-long vacation in their car to all cities she wished to visit including her home town pink city Jaipur." Don't do any packing, just take some essential things and document rest I will buy for you."

" Have you won a jackpot or what,you never spend so much in your entire life." "You can think like that, now we will have a luxurious life." He now owned so much money that he can full fill all dreams of Rea and himself. He drove fast and reached his house in only twenty minutes, Rea was waiting outside for him in that black Saree which he loved the most.

" Wow a new car,I can't believe it," she jumped in excitement after seeing that silver car. " Come in Rea we have to leave quickly." Rea was shocked to see him in so much hurry but before she could asked anything Avinash closed the door of the car and drove fast to leave the city soon.

As he was on his way towards national highway,he saw yellow barricades put on by police on road ,they were checking something. " Oh no! we should take some another road", he was in fear and tried to turn the car but some more cars had stopped behind him which prevented movement of his car. " What happened Avi?" asked Rea. Before he could do anything police surrounded his car. His black eyes turned red in horror,police arrested him. Rea was unable to understand anything " what happened officer? " " Madam ! your husband has killed a big businessman in National Bank's parking area and has stolen his car,cards and 100 crore cash he had withdrawn from the bank."

Rea now understands the reason behind his haste to leave the city. He had ruined their future in hope to make it better with a crime. But as we all know crime never pays, he is now behind bars in a colorless cell for murder and loot to make his life colorful and carefree.

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