Minister's Visit

Minister's Visit

"Prabhakar,"said minister Ram Bharose to his secretory,"election are near now,what is the plan?".
"Sir! it's time we visit some villages in our area for vote appeal,your speeches are also ready,which date should I fix? Which village you will visit first?" Prabhakar replied confidently.
"Choose a village which is the most developed in my constituency",proudly said Ram Bharose. 
"Sir,this is your constituency there is no chance of development."
"Hmm! we will visit Bijlipur,call local party office there to make all arrangements and don't forget to send Bijli (electricity) before us", he again sat relaxed on his chair.

Ram Bharose is very experienced,he is winning from this constituency from last 20 years,he knows all the tricks of the trade and since nothing has changed much,he is sure to win this time also.

Prabhakar on the other hand is busy in preparations for minister's visit. He telephoned local party office for arrangements for minister's visit. All departments were alerted about his visit. Roads were cleaned,water board opened 24 hours water supply,electricity is available day and night,light bulbs were fixed on poles,school building was repaired,food was distributed to poor people free of cost. All those things which was never taken care of were up to date now,even a song was prepared in his praise to be sung by school kids who now owns new uniforms.

" Sir,everything is finalized we have to go there tomorrow", " Prabhakar how much it costs", " nothing sir! only few promises for promotions for local officials."

Ram Bharose was confident when he visited Bijlipur. He repeated his old speech of last elections with addition of some fresh promises. After ending the speech he said" what else do you want? I am always ready." An old man from the audience stood up and said," Sir! I request you for more visits in our village."   


  1. :D perfect dig !! that only you will visit the village,shall we will have a better life .. hahaha

    1. those chamchas only work when minister comes,thank's you enjoyed it

  2. "Ye public hai, sab jaanti hai" But the story will continue...



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