This word is very common in India. But what this means? If we look at the dictionary meaning of this word this means a small number or part esp.a number that is less than half the whole number but in social and political sphere of the country it means privileges and vote bank. Each group or community states it self as minority to enjoy special grants and reservations in various government jobs and educational institutes,some presents themselves as being exploited for being in minority, so called majority in turn accuses injustice to them in providing special treatment to minority. Also there are so many minorities in India, religious minorities,cast based minorities, region based minorities,language based minorities and so on and there are also many political and non political representatives of these minorities which fought for there cause.

My purpose for writing this article is not to become another supporter to these groups but to mention another minority which is neglected and don't even have any representative. The honest citizen of country which actually suffered a lot. 

They are the people which care for nation,region,religion,family and everything else but there is no one to care for them. A honest person doesn't get a good job and if so others put difficulties in there honest functioning be it Satendra Dubey of Bihar, Zia Ul Huq of Uttar Pradesh,in education,administration ever where they all fall prey to the system who don't wants them to be loyal to there work and force them to be part of majority i.e. corrupt force. If we look at the other side of the issue lack of representation of such people is responsible for all other problems in the country today.

There is a need to think about this minority,these people don't come from somewhere else but among ourselves. I read a story in childhood which states that to be a true lover of country it is not necessary to be in the armed forces or lead the country but to do our works sincerely and  honestly.If each one of us will play our part properly in any field with which we are associated honestly than there will be a majority in the country ,the majority of honest people. Think of country before yourself in any action you take.