Justice Killed - Failed Police System.

Justice Killed - Failed Police System

Only the statement ‘Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied’ is true but also the statement ‘Pressure- less Police Probe for Justice’ is true.  Unless & until police will do a fair probe they can’t nab the true criminal. We have seen earlier in Jessica Lal Murder Case where weak charge sheet, improper investigation stretched the case too long and only after media hype the justice was served. In Arushi murder case too police theory was questioned because they conduct half-hearted investigation and framed her parents for the murder. But various experts, books, film on the subject question many aspects of the investigation which looks genuine and appears neglected by the investigators. 

Pehlu Khan a milkman from Alwar district, Rajasthan who was lynched in April this year by so called ‘Gaurakshaks in mob violence by them. He named 6 people in dying declaration which are now not found guilty by police. What is this if not biased approach in the investigation? If we believe police then No One Killed Pehlu Khan. Police has time and again criticized for their roles of favored investigation either for political pressure or to silence media trials but this every time has killed the justice. Why government can’t free police system as in many parts of the world? Dependence of them on political class for promotions, salary increment has made them puppets in their hand thus the people in the department who work honestly also denied what they deserved. 
The police system is such that honest gets punished and corrupt enjoys the perk. Another case of police laps also came in the light with tragic death of Pradyuman a seven year old Ryan International School – Gurugram student.

Few days back he was found murdered in school toilet. As soon as news broke out there was huge public and media pressure to catch the criminal. In haste school bus conductor was arrested by the police. Although he has confessed the crime and their are possibilities that he is the killer but some simple observations make me believe he was made a scapegoat. 
  1. How an outside staff entered children’s toilet without any objection?
  2. Why Pradyuman brought to hospital by school after almost one hour of the attack? (He was killed around 7.30 and arrived at hospital at around 8.40 as seen in hospital CCTV).
  3. Why people attended Pradyuman , gardener, teachers, other staff not questioned by the police?
  4. No eyewitness or any evidence against the bus conductor Ashok which make his case weak in court? 
  5. Police claims of sexual abuse was denied by postmortem report which further weaken police case.
  6. Why Ashok didn't try to run away? 
These and many other questions like why Ashok carrying the knife inside school, why school reported the case late, etc and police’s ignorance of all these questions and evidences act as justice killer. I appeal CBI probe in both Pehlu Khan and Pradyuman murder case with the hope that highest investigation agency will work for truth and justice. In Pradyuman case school has broken the trust of the parents to ensure safety of their ward which makes them equal culprit as any murderer. Hope Justice Prevailed in both these cases. 


  1. An impressive report.

  2. Botched up inquiry, corruption and bias to save the skin of the mighty and powerful is delaying justice. The case of Pradyuman broke the heart and there are evidence how school authorities tampered with evidence. Authorities should come with a framework to make so-called international schools accountable with respect to security.

  3. A very comprehensive report to analyse the scenario!


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