4 Years of Modi

4 Years of Modi

Narendra Modi has completed 4 years in office. There are highs and lows in this period but the most significant changes I have observed has really give way to a New India. An India which is confused in its decision has no jobs neither has money to spend. 
  • Muslims and Christians are outsiders they don’t belong to this land and has no right of living here. If they have to stay in this land than they should live as Hindus wants them to live. 
  • Dalits has no chance to climb the ladder in any field in the society. There rise is seen as disgrace to upper caste people. 
  • Economy (Modinomics) is what BJP and the government ministers told and you don’t have any right to question the government’s intention. 
  • Journalist who speak or write against the government will receive death/rape threats by an organized online mob.
  • No person in any position has right to ask anything to the Prime Minister, his schemes, progress of his works, etc. If you do so you are anti-national, traitor, Pakistani agent and BJP will send you to Pakistan. 
  • Winning election is everything and you can do anything for that like using corruption money, inviting Jinnah, Nehru and so on. 
  • Compromise on corruption whenever your party, your friends, your allies and yourself are involved.
There are many more things which I have mentioned and wrote in many of my posts and I don't want to be repetitive recalling them again and again. The Bhakht culture and the fake news propaganda has started which is giving me vibes that Narendra Modi will return to power in 2019 also and I have no problem with that if the country's growth, harmony and passion not compromised. But our PM is more like an event manager than a task master which is evident from his renaming of UPA era project  to make them his own and his inability to meet his deadlines in projects like Swach Bharat, Namami Gange, etc.

I hope his working in converting India into a Hindu rashtra didn't destroy the idea of India which is of peace, harmony and assimilation. 

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  1. Isn't it a matter of pride that BJP has in 4 years accomplished much more than what the Congress did in 60 years? Much more in terms of corruption and communalisation of the nation.

    1. Depends on what we call accomplishments, India's foreign relations has improved or the way world sees us but a lot of those has also been a result of social media advertising and promotions. Also, saying congress did nothing in 60 years is ridiculous. We won wars against Pakistan, became a nuclear state, Our space agency achieved great heights, we grew from importers of food and dairy products to exporters of the same and a lot of others achievements, we were the fastest growing economy for a reason. Like our former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said during one of his speeches. "Saying that India did not progress in the last 50 years is actually an insult to all those achievements of our soldiers, scientists, farmers etc. Governments will come and go but our country's progress should never stop". As for corruption I am not sure about it either, there are reports suggesting demonetization was a failure while there are others that says other wise. NEWS Media is no longer trustworthy, the amount of fake post one gets on his social media timelines is ridiculous, educated people believe in it and are too lazy to even check it for once. On the other hand, mob lynchings have grown, religious clashes have grown, people have little respect for law. Every news, conversation is looked for religious angles, I hope we do better because we are better than this, no matter who is in power.


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