Delhi Darshan - Sunder Nursery

Delhi Darshan - Sunder Nursery 

Sunder Nursery is situated adjacent to Humanyun's Tomb in Nizamuddin Area of Delhi. The nursery was built by Britishers alongside the many Mughal era structures situated in the area. The nursery,monuments and area withered away with time giving this a ruined jungle look but the restoration work done by The Agha Khan Trust and CPWD has completely transformed the area into a beautiful garden with ponds,pathways and bridges.

The restoration work started in 2008-09 is still not completed but major part of the area is now accessible to the public. The monuments has been restored and area around them is developed in a way that it becomes a soothing relaxing area in the hullabaloo of Delhi. I also visited it after reading about its inauguration in newspaper. I was able to spot peacock and many other birds which are unknown to me and I have read that there are many species of butterflies, birds and plants which are unique to the area. Since the development work is still undergoing I can't see butterflies or different bird species around perhaps they were preserved somewhere else during reconstruction period of the area. Although monuments are restored and can be seen by the people. 

The entry is free till now and hope it remains free until people started noticing it and it is open for public from morning 9 AM to 4 PM in the evening. The place lacks drinking water and washroom facility which I think is necessary to make this place popular so that families can spend quality time there in the lap of the nature. Overall the place is nice, the fresh air it gives is rare for someone living or coming in Delhi. So everyone must visit it once. 
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  1. This place is serene, gorgeous and divine. The jewels of India and the authorities should ensure that we don't lose our rich heritage. Thanks for writing about it.


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