Yaad Karo Kurbani!

Yaad Karo Kurbani!

On September 18, 2016 four terrorists attacked an Indian Army Brigade headquarters at the town of Uri near the Line of Control which killed 18 Indian Army Soldiers and injured about 30 army personnel. This is a second attack on army base in this year after the Pathankot Attack. The army which ensures our safety is unable to save its own base camps.

Did anyone care after the Pathankot Attacks to strengthen the safety measure of army base? From last one or two years the terrorists are mostly attacking police, CRPF and army personnel but in spite of these attacks authorities and government have no strategy to cater such attacks as a result we are losing precious life our soldiers. Every time there is an attack we blame it on Pakistan and in the case of Pathankot Attacks we reach to the extent of inviting their investigation agency to establish Pakistan link in those attacks but that move fall flat on the face of government and army when Pakistan denied any involvement in the attack after examining the site. 

I know it is tough to stop infiltration in difficult terrains of Line of Control but it is not difficult to equip the Indian soldiers with better arms and artillery. According to an army report 80% of ammunition/arms/artillery used by soldiers is outdated. Soldiers are not provided with bullet proof jackets and such frequent attacks also shows negligence of army in protecting its base. There is a call for war from every corner of the country but according to CAG report Indian army ammunition won't last 20 days of war (Read Here). This is a serious matter for a country which lives in the constant threat of terrorist attacks. After every attack there are demands for retaliation but no one demanded safety for army-men. The political establishment of India on the other hand uses these martyrs to bake their political breads by playing with emotions of people for the soldiers. 

Until Pakistan is not ready to punish people involved in Mumbai Attacks, Pathankot Attacks and other such attacks there should be no diplomatic relations between both the countries. India should boycott the meetings of organization where Pakistan is present; this will pressurize other nations to put pressure on Pakistan for action on terrorists because no nation will think of leaving a strategic partner like India. Cultural ties through artists should be strengthened and they should be used as tools to promote friendship in common people of both the nation. Direct trade treaties between both the nations should be nullified and any special status to Pakistan should be cancelled. These are my suggestions but government knows the best for the nation and its people. I like to advice the government and minister to comment less on relations of both the nation neither in the negative aspect nor in the positive way. 

I appeal you to maintain two minute silence and remember all those who have lost their lives in terrorist’s attacks all over the country after reading this post. God Bless India.  


  1. Important information. I shared

  2. I can so understand your anguish and a need to see a result. But please see the change government has brought. India is making a strong stand on the global arena, there were times when UN and other global superpowers would turn down India pleas saying it is an internal issue. It has taken long to establish that act of terrorism is never a local issue. Today the world stands with us and right measures are being taken to establish Pak as a terror state.
    While I agree that after Pathankot this happening is a major lapse, but it can get challenging given we have close to 2900 kms of border to guard. The military has full freedom to take relevant action and the approach is two throng 1. After the attack they are expecting a retaliation, why do something they want is to do, we will do it hard and strong as per our strategy. 2. While we are not scared of the pea sized puny country that Pak is we should also not forget that this beggar nation has not much to lose and their nukes are in delicate hands. You would have read US telling them to curb their nuke policy and they have flatly refused.
    India is bound by treaties and acts as a responsible nation which means that we will not be the first one to use nuke unless attacked upon while Pak is not bound in any such way.
    Lastly on lack of effective defense equipment including jackets, there was an article in Jan 2016 where close to 200,000 latest jackets were being procured for our soldiers, it got cleared after 10 years of wait. We all also know of the fighter jet procurements. I have not seen so much progress in previous governments.
    We can’t forget the major fact that we are a very big nation and can crush Pakistan in nearly 14 days but war hampers progress too and we aren’t no to war but what I see if that the government is trying to corner Pak in more than one way.

    1. I appreciate government's action in cornering Pakistan but I hardly aspect anything from Pak looking at their internal conflicts. I am consider more about our security forces which are not well equipped to tackle modern day terrorists

  3. Such a heartwarming post. May the brave souls RIP.

  4. Well Said ... Truly , USA can travel across Globe when they feel their integrity is threatened and what we do is go and appeal to USA , CHINA to please ask Pakistan to stop and we get happy with it . Even when these two country fund Billions of dollar each year to PAK for strategic reasons of their own .

    It's high time , not to go for a nuclear war but atleast plan and wipe out extremist from the neighborhood . Those extremist who really control pakistan rather than govt. which is actaully a puppet .

    Else we will keep losing our good men for nothing .. and yes they deserve at least 2 min silence from us .

  5. We have become spineless where there is a lack of willingness to make our army stronger in terms of ammunitions and guns. High time we invest massively. I agree it's high time to stop trading with Pakistan and move for sanctions against them at the international level or suspend all peace talks. The time is now.


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