Ambitions of A Litterbug

Ambitions of A Litterbug

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I have dreams or I should say that we have dreams, my team the members of my community who are struggling for a name and fame in the society at least some respect from are fellow citizens. We are the neglected lot in this country. There are people who fought for the rights of women, children, LGBT , SC, ST,etc but none comes to cater our demands for the equality or rather superiority in the society for our services to the great country of ours India.

Afters years of humiliation from the society we have decided to come together to raise our demands and make our talent known not only in the country but throughout the world. Actually sometimes I think these foreigners understands us better that our own countrymen. They are the true jewelers to value the gems like us. They click pictures of our arts of those beautiful textures we made with paan and guthka spits on roadside walls, the garbage we throw to show our high consumption of food items are their favorite and not to forget the patches of plaster falling from walls after years of constant urinating such patches caught their immediate attention. The foreign tourists regularly visits just to see our creations not only at public places and roads but also at historical monuments. But still no special mentions of our services on public platforms.

It is sad to say that the talent admired by foreigners remained neglected at its place of birth. I sometimes feel ashamed when people just move aside keeping hands on their noses after seeing someone urinating on the walls and thus ignoring his artistic urge of giving a unique texture to that wall. My friend Paan Singh is a champion paan spitter, he can aim from a distance of about 10 feet and it is hard to get Gutkiya Lal's intensity while spitting guthka from his mouth. Shanno Aunty is a champion garbage bag thrower, her bag falls at a same place daily from balcony of third floor and not to forget my girlfriend she herself is unaware of the fact that the plastic bottle she threw out from moving car always falls on the road without hitting anybody an unmatched talent I would say.

There are numerous such talents like Peshab Bahudur, Kuda Khan, Thook lal,etc which went unnoticed due to the sorry state of our country in recognizing skillful people. Here I would like to thank The Times of India for providing us the platform to show our talents to the world through The Great Indian website. Here you can post pictures of these unknown people, their creations and help them to exhibit their skills. I would also like to appeal to the PM, the Indian Olympic Association, the Sports Ministry to look into the matter and give us chance to shine by demanding spitting competitions in Olympics. I assure you to win all three medals in this sports for the country. Moreover their must be some efforts from the government to highlight this talent and give some respect to us. I also demands Bharat Ratna for Paan Chand for his contribution in every expect of littering.

Here is a video by The The Great Indian website displaying some of us with their skills: