In Unison

In Unison

We often see political parties fighting on various issues,whether it is Food Security Bill, Foreign Direct Investment(FDI),Lokpal Bill, Anti Rape Law,etc. There views are always differ from each other and it is next to impossible to have hundred percent support of a particular issue.

But this miracle happened on June 3,2013 after Central Information Commission(CIC) ruled that the six national political parties namely Congress,Bhartiya Janata Party,CPI,CPI(M), Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party "have been substantially financed" by the government and thus RTI will be applicable to them. As soon as this news spread all political parties dismissed the stand in one voice. They said that they all ready gave there audit report, there details of expenditure etc. to Election Commission and one who requires such information should contact to election commission for that. They said that there rivals might misuse it and it would create confusion among the voters.

RTI experts are advocating it as it will make the system more transparent,  people can ask these parties what leads them to a particular decision,why there party is for or against a particular bill in the parliament, etc. It will be more clear in further days what stand does political party takes in this issue but for now we can see that they stand together at times when something falls upon them. They speak in unison against those who abuse parliamentarian, they say Ayes with hundred percent majority during there salary hike. It is time for us to unite for all those who are working against our country.

The good side of this issue is that we now know that they can come together for a cause and may do same for issues concerning common people. Hope that they will come together for corruption free,hunger free,hatred free India. Ameen.


  1. Political parties never join together for pursuing common issues, but they unite only for wrong reasons.


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