Aam Aadmi Party by Arvind Kejrivaal

“Aam Aadmi Party” by Arvind Kejrivaal

India Against Corruption has finally announced their political party. During this one and a half year or I should say that during the hatching period of their party there was a struggle between themselves to whether launch a party or not, what will be its purpose? How it will function? What it will look like? On all these issues they asked for public opinion through mobile sms and online voting, I think they were not wrong in doing so because you need to have the opinion of those for whom you are doing something or willing to do something but this to have limitations. Even now mobile phone is not available to everyone, secondly everyone is not an active participant in nation building.  
Finally on 2nd October 2012,they announced an unnamed party and present a draft of it to the nation, it was strange to know that they are willing to project themselves as national party but remain mum on several issues of national interest like Kashmir issue, FDI, reservation, secularism, etc which are basis of public voting since 1st general elections. Everybody has an opinion about these issues,( everybody here means aam aadmi ) which they share in public frequently and they are discussed among the masses in public gatherings. My question arises here why they put burden back on public when they were asked about such questions?  What if I asked someone about how to construct this house? And in reply to it he asked me the same question that you tell me how to construct this house? And there is a second reason to be against this thought, people here gets easily influenced and this tend to appear in what they say.  
Indian public is mature enough to understand the politics better than any political analyst and is maturing day by day by the spread of education and news channels. In such a situations some bunch of people are trying to lead an aware public without showing their leadership skills. Are they believing that only anti corruption speeches and highlighting scams can mobilize the masses against such a system which is rooted even in the citizen of this nation? Is only anti privilege candidate can change the public which create temples for their leader or weigh them with gold, sweets, etc? This country actually requires a leader which make them(citizen of India) to leave their privileges for the sake of nation, who can make them realize their own mistakes and obstructions in the path of building a prosperous nation and tell them how they can be part of such prosperity.