Bigg Boss is a Bigg flop

This season of bigg boss (season 5) is a flop and showing the content that is inappropriate for indian values. The behaviour of SKY against the fellow inmates is justified by the show and the hosts who don't even pointed it in the eviction episode as they did with Siddharth. Sunny Leone's profession of a porn star is celebrated in the show as if she is a soldier or a naxalite victim, the invitation to Mahesh Bhatt to offer her a film and glorify her profession which she is doing out of fun and not as a necessity is a slap to indian sentiments. What this show is promising its audience is not clear. Moreover the inmates are so dumb that they don't understand the tasks properly even after reading the instruction so many times. Bigg Boss himself showing a partial behaviour by changing the nomination rules any time which is favouring particular group of contestents. I hope there will be no next season or if it will be there it should not be a scripted one but actually a reality.