AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !

AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !

Aam Aadmi Party or AAP came into politics to revive it. Arvind Kejriwal the convener of the party said during the formation of the party that to clean the filth in the gutter one must have to go inside the gutter. (Rajniti ke gatar ka gachra saaf karne ke liye usme utarna hi padega). The party which emerged from a nationwide movement gave hope of betterment to millions won majority in Delhi Assembly polls of 2012 in its first attempt and form government with the support of the Congress. This government last for only 29 days in Arvind Kejriwal’s ambition to become Prime Minister of India ( Hawa Mein Udne Lage The) as the party fought in almost every constituency more than any other party of the country. Desh Mein Jhadu Chala Denge they used to said.

Their ambitions fall flat when they won only four seats. The splits in the party started then when some fractions blamed the party for deviating from the path. Even then they won 2013 Delhi assembly elections with a huge majority washing out both BJP & Congress by attracting poor and the middle class. But Ye Politics Hai Meri Jaan, you have to be alert at each corner two stalwarts and founding members Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan along with few others left the party for Arvind Kejriwal’s authoritarian behavior.(Hum Angrezo Ke Zamane Ke Jailer Hain). The party which showed us the dream of change appeared similar to others. After that incident the blame game politics started in which they alleged either Congress or BJP for conspiring against them. Media’s portrayal of the issues rose by them was also selective enough in maligning their image as of anti-national and supporters of Pakistan as a result their other outings in Punjab and Goa polls failed. Moreover they lost in a by-poll in Delhi and later MCD polls after which another split begins which hit the core foundation of the party. Ghar Ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye.

Kapil Mishra former minister in the Delhi cabinet did a Bhanda Phod in the media after his removal from ministerial post after Kumar Vishwas controversy where Kumar appeared angry with the party. With Kapil Mishra’s allegations of corruption on face of anti-corruption from last five years Arvind Kejriwal another nail is nailed in the party’s coffin. The core foundation is attacked. Although Kapil Mishra didn’t disclose why he remained silent on corruption when he was minister, what he was doing during the deal was made and other such questions but his allegations has dent party’s image further. With this episode it is also cleared that we have to live with the corrupt and disloyal politicians for many more years to come since questions were raised on anti-corruption crusaders. 
People are now asking AAP Yahan Aaye Kisliye and there answer of Aapne Bulaya Isliye has not many takers now. Breaking of hope is always painful and until we get another hope God Bless India. 


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