Different for Differently-Abled

Different for Differently-Abled

It is not less than a miracle that we score gold, silver,bronze or even gets participation in international events in sports other than cricket in spite no funds and respect for these sports. How pathetic life these sportsmen lives is shame for us and now think of those who are differently-abled or the paralympic athletes. When officials and sports administrators couldn't cater the needs and requirements of normal athletes how could they give better treatment to those who requires special facilities and care. 

It's a shocking tale of apathy, neglect and mistreatment of differently-abled athletes, and a national shame. At the 15th National Para-Athletic Championships, being held in Ghaziabad near Delhi, there are no ramps, no special toilets, in fact filthy toilets, very dirty rooms and grossly sub-standard facilities for the paralympic athletes. The story reveals the very sorry state of affairs in our sports administration and the mindset of the officials who treat the differently abled so shabbily. Even the accommodation that these para athletes have been provided is an unfurnished building in Ghaziabad.

More shocking is the fact that officials are defending themselves by saying that they have world class facilities when athletes are ridiculing them. It is not a new thing we have previously heard such incidents of mistreatment with sportsperson in various other events and the fact that they don't bother us is because these sportsmen are not cricketers about whom we are crazy and who earns crores due to our madness towards them while sportsmen from other sports don't even get timely salaries from their federations.

It is not that sports ministry don't have budgets for these sports but they are not very much and whatever little that they receive was easily digested or wasted by board heads and members who are politicians with hardly any knowledge of sport they are heading. It is better that we search websites like collegedunia.com  for B.com colleges in India or the Best Arts colleges in India which at least guarantee some respect after graduation unlike taking these sports which don't guarantee even that.

It is time to change the way we see other sports and more funds should be given to them for their betterment. Athletes of these sports are doing well without much government support think how well would they perform with a backing by government and their federations.