A Step Towards Change

 A Step Towards Change

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Change is permanent. It is the only constant around which our lives moves. Nobody can and nobody will ever be able to stop it. It is happening and it has to happen anyhow in us, in our surrounding, in our thoughts, in our ideas and in our lives. It is not a bad thing as most people believes , it is good since it gives way to something new better than yesterday, better than the past. If we pursue with positivity and optimism then the change which come will do wonders for us.

I have mentioned in some of my previous post about the fatal accident I met in the year 2005 while returning from an institute where I was pursuing a degree course in computer software. It took several days to discharge from hospital and it took about a month to recover from it completely and to start walking properly without any support and bandages on my body. But what I haven't mentioned before is that my family became more protective towards me. They never allowed me to go outside for anything and if ever I tried to go they accompany me. I was not permitted to go alone even to a barber's shop. My life became still and home bound even though I was recovered. It was then I decided to bring a change in my life and to start it all over again. I decided to start a new life by rejoining the course I was doing before the accident. 

My family protested but I listened to no one at that time because only after this change I could bring a change in my life. I met with accident while riding a cycle and it was a big step for me to choose that mode of transportation again for my ride to the institute. I wouldn't able to complete my course if I haven't opted for that change in my life. During my recovery period I not only changed physically in appearance by my way of thinking was also changed. I became more spiritual and positive. This time also brought me closer to world problems since I surfed News channels more when I was bedridden which further motivated to voice my concerns which became the stepping stone for my commitment to writing and then to write for change.

We all change with time in our thoughts and appearance, it always bring something good in our lives. In this changing world Housing is committed in bringing homes spreading optimism in the world.  Housing envisions a world filled with positivity. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around - in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet's face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away.

This post is written for Housing #StartANewLife