Bumper Sale

Bumper Sale 

Everybody in our locality was talking about the new shop opened in the area and its bumper sale

" Yaar,all branded items no fakes" ,my friend said.

"But, how can one give such huge discounts when company have no such offers on other shops selling the same brand." " Brother discounts are not the only thing, you got scratch coupons on purchase above Rs 5999 with sure prices like TV sets,washing machine,etc."

" On the spot, prices?" " No, prices will be delivered to your homes within a month, one more thing which will shock you more." " What? A cashback for credit card purchase."

" No, cashback of 10% on cash purchases above Rs 10,000." "I am sure they must be stealing somewhere."

" You always doubt everyone." Then he gave me some knowledge of their honesty that how they called and gave Mr. Sharma the T - shirt he forgot in store and returned extra money given by Karan Uncle while purchasing a pair of Jeans.

" Chal na yaar! we should also go and shop there.In spite of such good offers ,we can still bargain for more" " Really! But I don't like places with so much crowd that's why I mostly prefer online shopping."

" But do they offer cashback." " I have not searched much but there must be sites which offer cashback but anyways I earn reward points on my debit card and I am happy with them."

He forced me to go with him,I denied but soon succumbed to his pressure," Let's go tomorrow morning , few people shop at that time." " Ok."

Next morning he came calling me fully charged up with energy and money and we went to that shop.

" Oh! It is close. Today must be their holiday." " No its a seven day open shop,let's ask someone"

I saw a police constable standing outside that shop. He told us that they have sealed the shop because they were selling stolen goods, the owner was absconding.

" They were selling fresh stocks with company tags,how they were stealing," my friend asked in surprise. " They were stealing from company warehouse,the warehouse keeper and the gate keeper were involved in that. They were doing it from last ten days."

My friend was shocked, the shop was opened ten days ago. They were selling as much they could before being caught by the company.

Casback, discount and coupons do exists and their are many sites online which offer this facility, one of such site is gopaisa.com.

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