Self Identity

Self Identity

" Today's final award for Social Change at this 6th Annual Women For Change Award on the occasion of International Women's Day goes to Mrs. Shalini", host called her on the stage where a famous film star presented her the trophy. It was never easy for her to be at this position.

Ten years ago she was married to a reputed businessman of her city. It was dream come true for her as well as her family. A middle class family like theirs always wished for a son-in-law like him,he was well settled ,having big bank balance and even promised Shalini that she could pursue her dream of being a fashion designer even after their marriage. She was excited to have such a husband so understanding and loving but that love ended soon.

She faced daily abuses from him, not allowed to go anywhere or to talk to anybody. He used to beat her when she said anything against him. She became a slave in her house of dreams. Her family and friends met her only in his presence. The phone given to her was like a showpiece which he used to give his orders.Things went on like this for five years when her father died. He told her not to attend her father's funeral but that was a limit. At that point she recollected all her self respect which he broke into pieces gained all the strength to take the decision to leave him,to realize the power a women possess,to show him what she was capable of.

She became a fashion designer,earned a respectable living and then started working for those women who faces physical and mental abuses by their husband. She was thinking about all those years of struggle passed while receiving her award a journalist interrupted her thoughts," Madam what inspires you to work for those women." She smiled and said," this conversation with my ex husband when my father died", she showed her text conversation with her husband to journalists on her phone.

" I wants to go my home my father is no more."
" I am not in the city we will go tomorrow,"
" But my father died" " Shut up you b***h, don't argue with me,I gave you food,clothes,everything,I am your father,I am your God."
" I am going." " You can go but never to return I will take care to ruin your life there also."
" I will go Prakash"
"$#****,+@&*$, be in your limits. I am coming now than I see how you will go."

He come but she was not afraid instead he stopped his hand and hit him back,she took a wooden rod and hit him till he became unconscious. She went to her father's house and called the police. Police arrested him, no body helps anyone until you help yourself that's what she tell to other women come to her for help.That conversation helped him to gain her lost self respect and to take the initiative to inculcate the same to others. One's own identity and existence is important before anything and anyone in this world.

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  1. Back with a wow bang!
    Two stories nicely presented here, Cifar. One is of a helpless woman who's a slave under her 'husband' while the other is an ambitious & successful woman who has won an Award.
    Both the women are the same! The Award-winner has preserved that hurtful SMS text communication all these years!
    Great message- "One's own identity and existence is important before anything and anyone in this world."
    May there be more power to women!

    1. Ameen, women are powerful ,may all women realize the power they possess.

  2. Hey...good you see you back...wonderful writeup :)

  3. Very inspiring, I liked the last line : "One's own identity and existence is important before anything and anyone in this world." There are a few grammatical mistakes,, do correct them & this post will only become better.


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