Book Review : Ishq Mein Shahar Hona

Book Review : Ishq Mein Shahar Hona.

Ishq Mein Shahar Hona is written by famous NDTV Hindi News Anchor and Presenter Ravish Kumar. The book is published by Sarthak an initiative of Rajkamal Publication. In this book he has shared his feelings and experiences about a city in form of short stories or Laghu Prem Kahaniyan (Laprek). Vikram Nayak's art work for each story has enhanced stories for the readers. It is ironical that I am reviewing a Hindi book in English but I want to tell English readers to know about this experiment in Hindi genre. Moreover some English readers do understand Hindi but don't know what to read in it. This book is a good read for such readers.

Cover: Vikram Nayak's cover design reveals the Shahar (city) i.e Delhi which author has explored in this book. Delhi's monuments are visible in it. A couple walking on the road is an indication of lovers exploring this city in love with a different perspective. I like the title most it was the title which attracted me towards this book.

Content: The stories are divided into seven sections with varied number of stories in each sections related to that particular section. These are small stories of hundred or so words which gives you a hint of particular situation or surrounding to convey the story and the love in it. The writer's introduction of book is also interesting and gives you an idea what was in his mind while writing this book. These stories let you know how people become a city in love for love. 

Comment: The author wants to emphasize on the point that there is no place for love in our cities yet those in love found their secret spaces to express themselves to each other in corners, in rallies, in monuments, in buses or on bike rides. I like the way how author has weaved shahar(city) in these stories. Stories are too small to be called even as short stories, they are for me situations which give readers liberty to imagine stories with these characters. Shortness left you bewildered in understanding some stories. But most of the stories are nice which reminds you of people you see everywhere in your cities. Vikram Nayak's illustrations for each story adds value and depth in them and are essential part of this book. The simplicity in language is the strength of this book.

Verdict: Must read to know How people become the city itself in love. 

Rating: I would give it 3.5/5.


  1. Seems like an interesting read from one of the most honest journalists, Ravish Kumar:)

  2. Since I like his way of managing debate, it's going to be a good read for me. Thanks for sharing :)


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