Privileged Fugitive

Privileged Fugitive

You will wish to commit a crime if you would see Lalit Modi's Instagram and Twitter images with celebrities in parties or his images of relaxation in destinations like Venice, Paris and London. The accused of money laundering in IPL (Indian Premier League) is enjoying in England and other European countries after taking refuge there in 2010.

A big corporate player Modi has good relations with both BJP and Congress leaders which resulted in his easy escape in 2010 and getting favors from external affair minister Sushma Swaraj even in the Narender Modi regime which flaunts its spotless image freely. Why any accused would have such an easy access to top ministers without having any fear of being caught by the investigative officials ?The silence of Narender Modi on this issue brought him at par with Manmohan Singh who remained silent on various scams during his tenure as PM of India.

It is an open secret that IPL is more of money than cricket and spot fixing allegations on players and officials are equal news makers along with the cricketing geniuses. I am not against IPL because it has helped in giving a big platform to emerging young Indian cricketers which otherwise lost in cricket politics but it must be free from fixing issues to have a genuine impact. We all know that corporate means profit, they don't see good or bad in making profits and if such people are heading top posts in sports bodies then they will try to make profit in them also by hook or by crook.

Sushma Swaraj should clarify her stand because there are no humanitarian ground which could justify helping a criminal. If this is justified then Dawood Ibrahim  someday would ask her to visit his ailing relatives in India on humanitarian ground without any fear of being caught or other accused who are outside India would also roam freely like Lalit Modi mocking Indian judicial system. I hope Finance Minister, External Affair Minister or Prime Minister should say something on this issue.


  1. The curtain is up know on the new silent PM!


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