Natural Care is The Best Care

Natural Care is The Best Care

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If you have sisters and that too five in number then one thing you would know the best is the hair and skin care techniques. I am lucky too have five sisters thus home-made remedies for different problems are easy to find. They keep newspaper and magazine cuttings about skin care, how to get slim, how to grow your hair long, what to eat for glowing skin et cetera, et cetera and I am being younger to them was their Guinea Pig to test new products and solutions they made after reading in newspaper and magazines or watching them in television. I didn't protest because I knew they would not try anything harmful on me and because after that they have to make things I like to eat.  

I have oily skin which is perfect for pimples but you would be shocked to know that my face remain unaffected by pimples due to the use of Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) on my face. Multani mitti also gives relief against prickly heat. I still remember that when I was a child they rub my complete body with Multani mitti paste during hot Delhi summer. It is more effective on face when you apply it by mixing sandalwood powder which is good for skin glow. Sandalwood powder and rose-water mixture is also an alternative for glowing skin. 

You must have heard the old VICCO turmeric cream jingle , ' keel muhaso ko jad se mitai, haldi chandan ke gund isme samaye,' (removes black head and pimples, with turmeric and sandalwood qualities) which clearly indicates the importance of sandalwood in skin glow. This cream is a regular in our house from always. I have also used other things like sandalwood face packs, turmeric face packs, neem face packs et cetera on advice of my sisters and believe me the natural products are better than artificial chemical based products. Now I don't listen to their advice much but during my childhood and teenage they used to guide me for healthy skin and hair. Now I too have knowledge of many things from their experience and by searching Internet.

Using natural products for your skin maintains the originality of your skin thus keeping your face younger and energetic for a longer span of your life. You must have noticed the soft skins of  your grandmothers, this is due to the use of natural products more in the past. It is true that pollution and changing environment have increased the risk of skin damage and you are required to use much more things on your skin than before but you can still use Ayurvedic products or products with the natural ingredients like VICCO turmeric cream instead of chemical based products.