What The Black

What The Black

What the black is no more a secret. It is new Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrush. It is a first black bristles toothbrush which reach deeper between teeth and along gum-line with micro-slim tip bristles which are charcoal infused to remove plaque bacteria. Everything from egg shell to newspaper, from cup tissue paper were turning black because the tooth brush turned black.

I would like to thank blogadda and Colgate for such an interesting and engaging activity. I haven't feel such excitement during any contest period. I am lucky to be among the selected bloggers for this activity. Three days and three clues to solve the mystery, it appears as a plot of a suspense novel. I guessed it something related to mornings but cup confused me to think that it is some coffee or some other morning hot beverage. At this point I also want to salute the whole team behind this contest for delivering packages everyday to large number of bloggers situated at different ends of the country. The prompt delivery of the clue products was an essential element of this activity and all the fun,thrill and excitement of it depended on this humongous task which was performed superbly.I also liked the idea of sharing pictures of clues on Twitter and Facebook to involve our friends and followers too in this activity. I enjoyed doping that and receiving responses of others on these platforms.

Colgate is the household name in India and many parts of the world from many years , we all used its products for oral hygiene. Time to time Colgate brings different and innovative products according to the changing demands and requirements of the masses. This product is also an example of that, soft on gums but equally effective in removing food particles hidden between our teeth. The introduction of this product in such a way was responsible for creating buzz around for it. Many friends of mine are waiting for Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrush's availability in the market while I have started using it thanks to BlogAdda and Colgate.

This post is written for #WhatTheBlack activity by Colgate in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Hey congrats on being one of the selected few. Finally came to know what is black.


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