Yearning for his old days when he was a teacher in high school he called his servant to give him the photo album. Thirty years of his life were spent with students from all categories of society. However he never discriminated among them and treated them as his own sons and daughters. He don't have his own children which attached him more to them. He didn't feel that void of not having children in  their company. His wife Asha was also very fond of them. She enjoyed when they came home to discuss their problems whether academic or personal. She prepared food for them and remained concerned for their problems. 

But things changed after his retirement five years ago. Initially some old students used to visit them but as they got busy with work or higher studies their visits also stopped. Asha for the first time in her life felt emptiness which deteriorated her health resulted in her untimely death. Her death shattered Rajan, he leaved that house and settled in his village home with only a servant to take care of him

Whenever he felt lonely he saw the photos of his student which have became successful doctors, engineers,lawyers, businessman,etc. Their success was a source of satisfaction for him. But their ignorance raised negative questions in his mind about his teachings which weren't available in books. He thought that he would be more happy if he was not a teacher. He had only his pension to support his living. He was old and his health was also deteriorating. At this age he need someone to care for him not only with money but also with love. He wished his yearning for love end soon.

Did the teacher would die silently in his exile or someone would come to pay debt of his teachings.Next and final part tomorrow.

Today's alphabet is Y and it's UBC DAY 29


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