For him it was a routine,she would be his twentieth prey. She was in an inebriated state. He set the camera and unclothed himself." Just do it man she is all yours now." He said to himself as he went to the bed to take off her cloth. Suddenly the door knocked. An unexpected visitor was waiting for him with the police. He was frozen to see him. He was her father,he slapped him and gave to police.

She signaled her father through a mobile app as she smell her intentions. Stay alert don't frozen in love blindly.

100 Words on Saturday 2014 #10 at Write Tribe : An Unexpected Visitor

Wednesday Prompt 2014 #10 at Write Tribe: Just do It

Today's alphabet is and its UBC Day 7.


  1. Ah! Scary also to be on the look out, even on a date? That's the sad state of affairs. But alas.

    The 2 AM Writer

  2. Good one, Cifar!
    I like the happy ending. Wish this were the case in all the cases. App came to the rescue pretty well...

  3. Very pleasant visitor! Thanks to Aaps


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