Criticism- An Anti-National Activity

Criticism - An Anti-National Activity

A man was building a house. He put the base stone right but as he progressed with side walls, the structured started looking clumsy. His neighbors pointed out his mistakes and he realized where he was going wrong. He changed his strategy, consulted some professionals and then came out with a wonderful building praised even by those who didn't like him.

Another man on some other street was also doing the same thing making a building by his own. He also put the base stone right and his building too became clumsy. His neighbors pointed out his mistakes to which he became defensive and said that he knew what he was doing and they were criticizing him because they didn't like him and his ways. He keep on building in the same way as a result walls start tumbling when he reached the half way and eventually fell down. He looked at his neighbors in shame but now it was too late. Rainy season has arrived and he reached nowhere with his strategy. 

Similar things are happening in our country and the ruling party is behaving like the second man the one who is unable to tolerate criticism not even when his labors who were helping him in constructing a strong building returning their tools like our authors, writers, scientists, historians, film makers returning their awards. Their affiliation to other ideologies consider alien by ruling party have snatched their right to protest according to the government. Is abusing them and labeling them anti-national tolerance? 

When someone points at your weaknesses, your short comings you must thank them and pledge to overcome your weakness that is tolerance. Taking criticism in a positive way make one a better person. I a democratic country criticism help government in formulating better policies. A government neglecting criticism becomes authoritative. 'My way or the highway' attitude of the government create unrest in people which in turn inculcate intolerance in society. Take for instance increasing rate of road rage, hate crimes, rapes, etc. There is a Hindi proverb ' Jaisa Raja Waisi Praja' which means citizens are what the king is, the PM's indifference to some important issues in society are helping in their promotions and the common man is becoming indifferent to these issues being engulfed in earning bread and butter.

The economy is down, markets are slow even in peak festive season, crop yield is less due to which farmers are in pathetic conditions, inflation is high, property market showing no scope, no influx of foreign companies, estranged relations with two of our crucial neighbors - Nepal and Pakistan, no new employment opportunities and dealing with many other problems is need of the hour. It’s sad that we have no discussions on these issues on national level because those who criticize government for these problems are marked as anti-national.

Criticism uncovers truth hidden behind arrogance and egoism #quotes

 If raising these national issues is anti-national then I am also anti-national, if criticizing government is anti national then I am anti-national, if questioning government's intention when its leader talks about Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, is anti-national then I am anti-national. Tolerance was and tolerance is the main ingredient of Indianness i.e. the unique quality which have sustained India in difficult times and if it is lost I fear about communal clashes, caste fights, regional discrimination and the India we know today will again gets shattered and tattered into pieces. God bless us, God Bless India. 


  1. It's a very intolerant Government and Shourie is right in saying that the PM is weak. If you cannot get rid of fringe and extremists elements calling the shots and meekly condemning attacks, you cannot be strong.

  2. Perhaps the PM wanted just this. He is creating a Hindu India.


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