One Patient, Three Deaths.

One Patient, Three Deaths.

couple with Avinash in happier times.

That's heading sounds weird because one patient means one death if he/she was seriously ill but one patient's death leads to two more deaths in Lado Sarai area of the capital of India, Delhi. The incident is another example of unsympathetic private hospitals which this time resulted in not the death patient i.e Avinash Raut a seven year old boy who succumbed to dengue on September 8 but also the death of his parents Laxman Chandra Raut and Babita Raut who jumped off from fourth floor of their building together and ended their life.

Avinash Raut was rejected admission due to lack of beds by five hospitals Moolchand, Max Saket, Akash Hospital, Saket City Hospital and Irene Hospital and when he was finally admitted to Batra Hospital his condition was deteriorated so much that doctors couldn't save his life. The doctors who treated him told that they could save him if he would have come 10-12 hours earlier the nine hours of which was wasted in searching a place in the reputed Delhi hospitals. Both central and state government have ordered legal inquiry in that issue because August 28 order of Delhi government compels hospitals to not deny any dengue patient due to lack of beds. 

The Dengue fever is common in Delhi at that time of the year yet government remained unprepared which leads to hundreds of death each year. The attitude of money making hospitals at such a critical time add salt to wounds of Delhihites. There is no social awareness from both the governments on Dengue which become dangerous only if mishandled. The mere proper maintenance of fluids in the body along with the blood pressure is enough to control the dengue. The self medication using aspirin can cause damage to the patient. Only use paracetamol tablets for dengue. 

The private hospitals which according to the Supreme Court's order must reserve 25% seats for poor often deny entry to them but in this case Avinash denied entry because his parents were not influential people or they won't have any extra money to throw on their faces. It is shameful for us that private hospitals are mushrooming in the city and government hospitals neither increasing in number nor increasing in facilities. Barring few all government hospitals have become place of attracting diseases instead of curing them. 

This incident was heart wrenching where parents blamed themselves for their son's death to end their lives. Perhaps this was an uncontrollable situation but if hospitals' view towards the patient would be a bit sympathetic these lives would be saved. 


  1. there are so many parents who lose their children. I think they should have lived to get justice for their child. A very unfortunate incident indeed.

    1. justice which a commoner never gets in this country

  2. What makes me sad how the Hippocrate Oath is forgotten when money power do the talking. A real tragedy when so many lives could have been saved!

  3. It isn't mosquitoes, it's our system (including us) that stings.

  4. Oh! Such a heart-wrenching incident :-( Hospitals in this country behave in an inhuman manner....have heard several other incidents of refusal, maltreatment etc...


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